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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Museum Of The Bible

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Museum Of The Bible
Top 10 Reasons To Visit Museum Of The Bible

The Bible has continued to change so many lives since it was written 2,000 years ago.  It has become the people’s source of light and guidance in this unfamiliar world, especially for those who are seeking after the Truth.  It has become so vital in a person’s life that it was regarded in an acronym as the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

The good news is that, this best-selling book for many centuries has now come alive in a museum in Washington D.C!

Last November 17, 2017 the Museum Of The Bible opened.  Steve Green led and pushed through the idea by gathered funds from Christians around the world in order to make this happen.  Now that it’s finally done, here are 10 reasons why you should visit the museum:

Reason # 10: Downtown Convenience

It’s in the heart of Washington D.C, which means you can easily walk or commute there.

YouTube | Museum of the Bible

Reason # 9: The Extras

You’ll want to experience its own world stage theater, facilities, restaurant, botanical garden and the sunset view from its top floor!

Photo | Eater DC
Photo | Biblical Archaeology Society

Reason # 8: The Grand Lobby

Stunning as you walk through the lobby’s marble floor, it transitions from darkness into light!

Photo |

Reason # 7: Historical Nazareth

You will find an amazing replica of Nazareth where Jesus grew up.  It’s like you’re inside the Bible!

Photo | United Church of God

Reason # 6: Innovation and Technology

This is one of the most technologically advanced museums in the world! You can also use the digital tour guide inside.

Photo | Big Think

Reason # 5: Digital Interaction

This is like no other!

YouTube | Museum of the Bible

Reason # 4: The Staircase

Placed in the heart of the museum, even the staircase is beautiful and elegant.

Photo | DC by Design Blog

Reason # 3: Washington Revelations

Reason # 2: The Gutenberg Gates

This is forty feet high!

Photo | Lonely Planet

Reason # 1: The Artifacts

World’s most prominent private collections of Biblical objects and artifacts like Dead Sea scrolls and historic relics can be found here!

Photo |
Photo |

Don’t miss your chance to visit here!

Source: Museum of the Bible

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