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Trafficking Hub Campaign Calls For Protest Against Pornhub

Trafficking Hub Campaign Calls For Protest Against Pornhub
Trafficking Hub Campaign Calls For Protest Against Pornhub

Trafficking Hub, a campaign against human trafficking, calls all anti-trafficking advocates to protest against one of the biggest porn sites, Pornhub.

Trafficking Hub campaign

Exodus Cry, an anti-trafficking organization, supports Trafficking Hub and its movement against Pornhub. The group calls out the executives behind the website for allegedly enabling and profiting from videos of rape and child sex trafficking. Their video which exposes Pornhub’s alleged crimes has reached more than 33 million views. Celebrities and influencers have also voiced their support in shutting down the porn site. One of them is actor Terry Crews.


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On October 2, recognized as International Non-violence Day, Exodus Cry is inviting supporters to join them in protesting in front of the Pornhub offices. “It’s happening! On Friday, October 2, International Non-Violence Day,” they posted. “We’re inviting #Traffickinghub activists around the world to protest in front of Pornhub/MindGeek offices in Los Angeles, Montreal, and London. We’ll be protesting from 11AM-2PM. And telling the world how Pornhub has been profiting from child rape, sex trafficking, and other forms of violence against women and children.”

Alleged crimes

A 16-year-old victim stepped up with her experience from Pornhub. Apparently, she tried to talk to the management to take down her rape video uploaded on the site. However, Pornhub refused. She had to get a lawyer for it to be taken down. “I don’t know why the tears in my eyes and the cries of ‘No’ before I was gagged wasn’t enough,” she shared.

The team has also revealed the irony of Pornhub. Pornhub seems to guard the identities of their moderators despite allowing unwanted videos and personal information of the victims in their site. They argued, “Why is one of the top ten most visited websites in the world trying to hide details about the people in charge? Perhaps it’s because they’re knowingly profiting off of the rape and trafficking videos hosted on their site.”

Additionally, more than 2 million have signed the petition to shut down Pornhub. They are aiming to gather 2.5 million signatures.

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