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Transformation Is The Key To Miracles

Be Filled By The Spirit

Transformation Is The Key To Miracles
Transformation Is The Key To Miracles

Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit

Reaching out to others through the gifts and fruits of the Spirit is key – these gifts are given to serve others. Jesus multiplied food to feed the crowds. The supernatural manifests itself when we reach out to serve. This is the principle of the Kingdom of God. On earth, we have been programmed to hold on to what we have. Greed and lust for power keep us bound to the flesh and its desires. God’s Kingdom turns everything upside down. The earthly person looks inward, but the Godly person looks outward. Therefore, the way to break through is to do the opposite of what you would naturally think and do. This is what leads to transformation.


Transformation is the work of the Spirit. God wants us to take a step of faith and trust Him when we obey Him. The flesh will rebel and force you to resist. The devil will sow thoughts of poverty and lack (2 Cor. 10:5). We need to choose whom we will obey. This is the challenge we will face daily in our life. In the Spirit, it is easy to do, but in the flesh, it will be a strain. Therefore, the way to transformation is to be filled by the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit. God has made it easy for us but our flesh desires to work and not rest. To rest is to trust.


Trust is what faith is all about. It is a risk we have to take, but when we look back we realize that all we have is from Him. We may deceive ourselves but God is our Provider. The sooner we realize this, the easier it will be to give and bless others. Join me in shifting from a poverty mentality to an abundance mentality and be blessed. God says test me and see if I am faithful to do that which I have said. This is the way for the Kingdom of God to grow on earth as it is in Heaven. God blesses a cheerful giver.


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