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Transition – The Joy Outweighs The Cost

The 'pearl of great price' costs everything.

Transition – The Joy Outweighs The Cost
Transition – The Joy Outweighs The Cost

This journey has a heady mix of both joy and pain but we ride out the pain for the joy that lies before us.

Some see transition as being a process whereby one gently moves from one ‘place’ to another. In some instances this may be possible but in the context of the ‘times and season’ we now live in this is so not the case. I’m convinced that God has asked us to engage with His current ‘paradigm shift’ in the world and His kingdom as He takes us into a new era in Him. This is a request that many of us find very difficult in the natural. However, embracing this reality is a prerequisite to being properly positioned and available to Jesus as we enter this new ‘Kairos’ time.

If one was to journey, by sail, from UK to USA then over 90% of the trip you do not have the reference point of any landmass – just open sea. As it’s under sail then being attuned to the wind and current are your only means of propulsion and progress. Tweaking what Columbus wrote, “You can never cross the ocean (transition) unless you have the courage (trust in God) to lose sight of the shore (what is familiar, comfortable and known).”

In order to arrive at a new orientation, you first have to experience disorientation.  Likewise, we undertake this spiritual journey into uncharted water in order to reach a new shore.

One of the things that immediately precede a shift is an increasing sense of discomfort. This restlessness becomes so uncomfortable that it often leads to a feeling of frustration. It’s vital to perceive what is going on to avoid misinterpreting what you are experiencing. The pain you feel is like a birthing pain releasing you into a new place with God. It is probably an indicator of the intended shift that he has planned for you. I urge you to discern what is happening, hang onto God and navigate the transition with His help.

I ask God to give you the ‘ears to hear’ the ‘eyes’ to see and the heart to trust Him.

Part of the cost here is that others may well criticize our words and actions and attribute to us completely the wrong motivation – that hurts! It certainly tests our resolve to follow what God is calling us to explore. It also causes us to develop a new level of dependency of Holy Spirit and a deeper desire to experience the love of Jesus and the affirmation of Father.

What on earth does this all mean to you?                                                                                                             

Does it resonate with you?                                                                                                                              

Whether it does or not, maybe you could ask Holy Spirit to give you some insight and clarity.

I promise you that as you move through this shift and time of transition, there will come a point where you discover that thousands of other believers are on the same journey as you! There will be such fun and joy as you start to be connected with some of them. (Note that it’s God who does the ‘joining’ so we don’t have to).

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