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A Tribute to Reinhard Bonnke: GOD TV Joins Millions In Remembering A Heavenly Giant

Reinhard Bonnke (1940–2019) A beloved evangelist who led 79 million people to God!

A Tribute to Reinhard Bonnke: GOD TV Joins Millions In Remembering A Heavenly Giant
A Tribute to Reinhard Bonnke: GOD TV Joins Millions In Remembering A Heavenly Giant

GOD TV would like to pay tribute to Reinhard Bonnke, the founder of Christ for all Nations, the world-renowned evangelist. Reinhard passed away at the age of 79 on Saturday December 7th.  He was loved by GOD TV viewers all around the world. Many came to faith through his global ministry and attribute their spiritual growth to his fiery preaching. Bonnke will be remembered for the demonstration of God’s power through the miraculous that marked his ministry.

CfaN President Daniel Kolenda announced the sad news on the CfaN website which includes the official obituary and an opportunity to leave memories and condolences. “It is with great sadness that I and the entire Christ for All Nations family announces the death of our founder, friend and spiritual father, Reinhard Bonnke,” he said. “All told, more than 79-million people made Christ their Lord as a result of Evangelist Bonnke’s ministry. 

GOD TV Tribute To Reinhard Bonnke

GOD TV joins with millions across the globe to pay tribute to Reinhard Bonnke, our beloved friend and mentor. Ward Simpson, GOD TV President and CEO, affectionately has called Bonnke “a Heavenly giant.”

The passing of such a dearly loved global Christian leader leaves many Christians around the world mourning. However, we know Heaven is celebrating the arrival of a true General in God’s Army. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry spans some 52 years and is known for its integrity, supernatural miracles and mass crusades which attracted some of the largest gatherings of people. Through the work of CfaN he preached at countless crusades and conferences; many on the continent of Africa. CfaN has recorded 79 million salvations to date.

“To me he was one of the greatest evangelists, if not the greatest, who ever lived,” says Ward Simpson. “Brother Reinhard’s autobiography, Living a Life of Fire is the most amazing and faith-building book I have ever read.”

“All of us at GOD TV send our sincere condolences to Reinhard’s wife Anni, their children and grandchildren. We also stand with Daniel Kolenda and all our dear friends at CfaN. Together, we will continue to take the messages that Reinhard preached so passionately to viewers across the nations.”

Tribute to Reinhard Bonnke 2
Reinhard Bonnke often spoke on GOD TV. Pictured here at the Awakening Europe conference in Prague.

Taking Up The Baton

Though Reinhard has gone to be with the Lord, his famous cry still resounds… “From Cape to Cairo, Africa will be saved!” We will continue to run with the baton he has passed on. We will preach the Gospel with the same passion and fire across the globe!

GOD TV aired Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade LIVE from Lagos, Nigeria.  During this historic event, Brother Reinhard said. “I am going to pass that burning torch that the Holy Spirit gave to me to all who want to receive it and follow in my footsteps.With Brother Reinhard’s passing he leaves behind a “Legacy of Harvest” as CfaN has aptly described.

Who better to take up the baton of his evangelistic calling than you?  Today’s world needs many more Reinhard Bonnkes. Through his passing let’s be challenged to be more bold in our witness. Our fruit will be his lasting legacy!

Psalm 116:15 – “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

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