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Romanced By The Trinity

Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit...

Romanced By The Trinity
Romanced By The Trinity

There is a wonderful invitation from Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to join them as they lavish their love on us. Will you accept this glorious invite? I am talking about being romanced by the Three. The trinity.

Romanced By The Three

Entwined and encircled, the Three love me. It’s hard to imagine that they want this with me, but the love I encounter is deeper than the sea. Beyond comprehension, yet given to me is the love and embrace of the eternal Three.

Blissfully lost in a dance with the Three, I’m wonderfully held yet utterly free. There are mystery and certainty found in their eyes that baffles all logic and reason defies. I’m lost in love, that’s the gift of the Three.

Peace, joy, and wisdom reside in the Three, yet they’re gladly and freely offered to me. This lifts me above the white noise of life, altering the perception of struggle and strife. I can powerfully soar in the arms of the Three.

Trinity: Divine Romance

There’s divine romance freely offered to me
from the heart and desire of the beautiful Three.
It’s all in their look, (so much more than a book), where I find the fulfillment they intended for me.

There’s an endless adventure when entwined with the Three.
There is a tender encounter when I rest with the Three, love and acceptance flood over me.
Exquisite contentment found in that place that melts and empowers me to manifest grace.
I can transform my world when I run with the Three.

Trinity: Light & Love

There’s a tsunami of mercy that streams from the Three with relentless compassion for all that they see.
Restoring connection; re-opening the door to their love and delight, and passion for more.
There are laughter and lightness in life with Three.

Corralled by the grace and kindness of Heaven and enthralled by the love of the Three is my union, way beyond words and time, They have gifted to me. There are vision and wisdom, for me, in the Three.

(Navigator Jo)

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