Walikng in Dominion by Conscious Walk of Faith in God's Covenant.

Triumphant Over Famine

Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.

Triumphant Over Famine
Triumphant Over Famine

Every believer in Christ is as much a seed of Abraham as Isaac was in the flesh. Children of promise made to Abraham while he was still barren. A promise that he was going to be blessed and become God’s platform of blessing to all of humanity.

The birth of Isaac is a very significant part of the fulfilment of God’s promises to Abraham.  The Lord Jesus was born in the flesh as a descendant of Abraham through Judah, a son of Jacob, who was a son of Isaac. By new birth, you have been grafted into this same lineage of Abraham through Christ Jesus. You are now a seed of promise as Isaac was. You are now a joint heir with Christ in every blessing of God.

Of note in the promises of God is the promise of material blessing; otherwise known as financial prosperity. This is necessarily not reflected in how much money we able to pile up but an appreciable progress in life through the hand of God’s blessing. This guarantees our material sustenance, success in pursuit and all-round fulfilment with satisfaction.

Blessed Nevertheless

When you look around on many occasions, your circumstance may not yet reflect the blessing you read about in the bible. Everything may rather be hostile, unfulfilling and full challenges. At that point, you need to know that hostility and challenges  can never disprove the blessing.

In the twenty sixth chapter of the book of Genesis, the same Isaac of promise was confronted with famine and hostilities. Even though he was the son of promise as you are, he was still faced with drought and famine. He was in a dilemma of what to do as you may be right now. He had a plan worked out in his head and was about to follow through when the God of the promise reached out to him as He is reaching out to you right now.

  • Isaac was instructed to stay put in Gera rather than moving to Egypt.
  • He was also inspired on how to conduct his business in the famine without incurring losses.
  • His Efforts was tremendously blessed by the Lord.
  • His prosperity was protected by the power of the Lord.

God Wants to Guide You Into Victories

God is restraining you from taking the wrong steps right now, even though you are in serious challenge. He will guide and inspire you into what bring you significant profiting and progress. He is about to bless your efforts with significant results and defend your success by the power of His spirit.

How God will accomplish all of these are His own prerogative. All He wants from you  is a yielded hearth and a following spirit. He will turn the tides to your advantage this season.

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