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Are you someone who can be trusted?


Can God trust you? This is a question that every Christian should ask themselves.

Trust is when you demonstrate hope in a person by entrusting them with something. Trust is vital especially your relationship with God. Trust is just like a glass that once broken will never be the same again.

In the Bible, we see that trust goes beyond sinning and ability. Moses is told by his father in law in Exodus 18: 21, “To select all the able men who fear God, men of faith, who hate sin and are not loves of money to be rulers of the people.”

God has entrusted us with the gospel so that we spend it as it is. Below are areas where God needs to trust you:


This area is where most of us fail. The main reason is that we value money more than God. Christ is the owner of all riches, and when He entrusts us with the wealth that we have, He accepts us to be trustworthy with what He has given us.

We should use our wealth to help the needy in society, and by doing so, God will reward you with more wealth.

With all the money that you earn, God needs 10% of it. But, most people think that they are helping their Pastor, Bishop or Apostle when they give their tithe. Actually by honoring this, is our way of demonstrating that God can trust us.

Opposite Sex

Can God trust you with the opposite gender? We are all humans, and we have our own feelings, but even so as Christians we should live a holy life, not engaging in sex outside of marriage, and staying faithful to our partners.

Temptation is everywhere, that’s why we should ask God for more of His grace to help us to say no to all forms of ungodliness.

Sacrifice and hard work

God needs people who He can trust during all seasons – be it in hard or happy times. Can God trust you to be by His side and obey Him when He tells you to sacrifice the only thing that you have or treasure?

In the Bible, we see Abraham is willing to sacrifice his only son to God. By willing to do that he demonstrated that God could trust him.

Trial and temptations

Can God trust you when you are going through painful trials in your life? Don’t lose hope in God; believe Him in the process of painful trials and temptation because at the center of it all He is with you and He will never leave you alone.

We are encouraged that even though we are going through hard times, the pain will only last at night, but in the morning joy will surely come.

Job trusted in God despite all the hard trials he went through in his life. But in the end, God blessed him  double to what he had before because God saw that he could be trusted.

Secret Life

Can God trust you with your secret life? The things that you usually do when no one is watching – are they pleasing before the eyes of the Lord?

God is supreme and sees all things that we humans can’t see, that why we should walk in the path of holiness and righteousness  and do according to His will so that He can trust us.

The Bottom Line

God needs to trust us with money, the opposite sex, hard and sacrificial works, during trials and temptations, and with your secret life.

If you can be trusted in all these areas for sure, God can trust you with anything that He wants you to do or have.

This article was written by Rachael Kamau.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily the opinions of GOD TV.







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