In compromise there is a drift away from truth.


Truth is truth and it is a person, Jesus Christ. Everything else is fake news. Truth therefore divides as there are many who don’t believe in Jesus. ┬áJesus said that many will be divided because of Him. Husband against wife, son against father, etc. Why does this happen? In a world of compromises people desire peace but peace never comes through compromise. Why not? Because in compromise there is a drift away from truth.

Jesus was clear when he mentioned that the goats have to be separated from the sheep. Goats, but sheep follow. The ‘buts’ of this world will never accept the truth because they have too many buts. Jesus said if you follow Me I will lead you to quiet waters. That is the peace He promises. Only in Him is there eternal peace. Therefore in Him only will there be eternal peace.

Everything which is a compromise never lasts for it is based on a compromised foundation. Jesus is the Rock of all ages and the foundation He provides never moves. Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever. Those who put their trust in Him will know the truth and the Truth will set them free.

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