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Twitter Account Creates Chaos In People’s Perception of God

A tweet from an account pretending to be God causes controversy

Twitter Account Creates Chaos In People’s Perception of God
Twitter Account Creates Chaos In People’s Perception of God

Social media is not only a personal platform but it’s a place where you get to decide who you want to be to the world and the type of influence you want to have.

We all have a choice in what we become and the influence we have. Whether a Christian or not, there is intrinsic value in the lifting-up of others and bringing comfort, light, and love.

Bringing negativity to the world only fuels the fire of fear and chaos.

A recent tweet has been causing people to question the goodness of God.

I understand the need to look at the bigger picture. Yes, there was a group of people who survived a deadly tornado by hiding in a prayer closet (and the prayer closet was the last structure standing from that home); it’s a beautiful story. Yet it’s also true that 23 other people died in that same natural tragedy.

I don’t have answers for that. But what I do know is that faith isn’t blind. We look at the numbers, facts, and realities, of course, yet we also look at the underlying glistening of hope. The love and unity that builds around a tragedy. Although this miraculous story didn’t stretch out over the entire tragedy doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

In a large part, I believe that your perspective is what will determine the quality of your life.

We believe with our eyes wide open – that is strength. That is a true relationship with the living God. We need to ask our questions of God, we need to know that we have put all of our cards on the table. That’s faith.

If you are a believer and this tweet (or any other intense, negative voice out there) has rattled you, don’t go to social media for your answer, go to Jesus. You are His child and He alone has the answers you are looking for.

Please, whether your a Christian or not, take part in building this earth instead of tearing it down, one soul and one post at a time. We all have a responsibility to steward our voices, choices, lives, and platforms. We don’t need destruction, we need comfort.

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