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Unborn Life Matters: Testimony Of A Man Conceived Out Of Rape

“My children would not be here if it wasn’t for my mother’s choice to value life over the hurt"

Unborn Life Matters: Testimony Of A Man Conceived Out Of Rape
Unborn Life Matters: Testimony Of A Man Conceived Out Of Rape

The testimony of a Christian leader born of rape reveals why Life Matters!

Eddie Tait

Eddie Tait is an associate leader at Bethel in Austin, Texas. Before moving to Austin, Pastor Eddie was part of the leadership team of the Firestarters ministry at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Today, he sits with us to share his testimony and to reveal the truth about his father.

Eddie was born to wonderful parents. His dad was in the military and they moved a lot.  Eddie’s life began to change when his parents divorced when he was nine. He and his mom moved to Colorado and his dad remarried and lived in Southern California.

His mom was raped

A few years later, Pastor Eddie found out that the person he had called “dad” was not actually his biological father. He learned that his mom was raped and he was the product of that horrible act. As a young man, Eddie was hurt, confused and started to believe that he was just an accident.

“It literally shifted the aspect of my life for quite a while. I let that become my identity, that I wasn’t a purposed being, I was just an accident because of that,” Eddie said.

“I choose to be fully who I am”

Years later, he started seeking God in different places until he experienced love and power one day when he encountered God Himself. That is when he decided to not let his circumstances dictate his life.

“I used to really believe that I was just a product of choices or circumstances that either could or could not happen. I never really understood that I actually have the authority to be me, I never realize that I was a purposed person. More of the things I have determined in my life is that I will never let my circumstances determine how I’m gonna live my life. I choose to be fully who I am,” Pastor Eddie told GOD TV.

Unborn lives matter

Eddie used to justify the choice to have an abortion when a baby is conceived through rape. His point of view was filter through the horrible act his biological dad did to his mom. He was furious and angry at his biological dad because he has hurt his mom and had taken advantage of her.

But when he powerfully encountered by God through a vision, he saw how important his life is.

“My children would not be here if it wasn’t for my mother’s choice to value life over the hurt,” he stated.

Eddie saw how important the purpose of every person is no matter your circumstances.

“[God] showed me that my life without Him had no meaning, no value. He didn’t even give me the option to see something different because, in His mind, there’s nothing different. I was always created for a purpose,” he added.

The purpose is greater than the choice

Pastor Eddie also emphasized that our purpose is greater than our choice and pain.

“Are we allowing people to say that ‘my pain is greater than that life.’ It’s not true. I think it’s by God’s mercy and His love that He actually allow something so beautiful to come out of such traumatic experience,” he said.

Life matters because every life has a great purpose. Every human is created to be a child of God and to display His glory. Do not justify taking someone’s life with your pain and your circumstance.

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Reference: GodTV 

Written by Gail Marvel.


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