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A Lasting Relationship, And For The Good Of All Mankind

All nations under God!

This is an unprecedented time for the world to come together, bringing reconciliation and unity like never before. As Christians, we have the opportunity to unite, joining nations all across the globe.

As a community of believers, we are called to fellowship together. We seek solace in times of uncertainty, and in this communion of gathering. Unity fulfills the deepest voids of our loneliness; but, where there’s isolation, it can leave us feeling more than just alone.

We have all been warned of the perilous times that are coming, and the dangers of God’s people drifting away from the truth. This loss of spiritual power will take place so subtly that many will not perceive it. Men shall become lovers of themselves, covetous, proud, lovers of pleasures, and more than lovers of God.

What’s happening today appears to be equivalent to what you would see in a really bad movie. Though, clearly, none of us made a choice to buy this particular movie-ticket, we are here now, and all of us seem to be “watching it,” together. 


There Is Hope

In reading 1 John Chapter 2 this morning, I was quickly reminded of the Scripture in Hebrews stating, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). 1 John 2:7 says, “Brethren, I write no new commandment to you, but an old commandment which you have had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which you heard ‘from the beginning’.”

In the narration that followed, I noticed one sentence that specifically struck my attention, “…being taught of God in regeneration to love one another; so that this was no novel doctrine, no upstart notion, no new law, but of the greatest and most venerable antiquity, and therefore to be regarded in the most respectful manner.”

Are we loving one another, as a Body of Christ, and truly loving our enemy? Have we forgotten Him in the busyness of our lives, leading our lives without Him, as if we can do it all alone? And if so, do you think that maybe, He might be trying to get our attention? 


Not Forsaken

I’ve had the privilege of being a contributing author for GOD TV for one full-year, this month. I have written my heart out this last year, going through very personal and private matters, giving it to God, through this writing. The Lord has blessed me with much through this process. Where it appeared I had lost everything in this world, the Lord did sustain me. He was with me, and I knew that He would never leave me, nor forsake me. What seemed to be the “Job” story unraveling in my life, I was learning to be more dependent on Him.

Three years ago, I had a dream, and in that dream, I believe, I was given a warning of what was to come in my own life. Two messages that I received were specific to my children and my husband. The first was clear, in making time to gather with my children. I was prompted to do whatever it would take to be more near to them, spending this time with them, and for a much-needed healing.

The second was specific to my marriage: “Go to the altar with the Bible in hand, holding hands, and in the bedroom.” — The sanctity of the marriage was at stake. Unknowingly, choices were being made that were not only defiling the marital bed; but, were causing this spirit of division in the family unit, as a whole. Looking back, I see the importance of the messages that were given. We were on a course of almost self-destruction. Life was taking many twists and turns. We were off-track, and needed some divine intervention. 


One Nation Under God

As a nation (USA), we’ve watched the division of families, more and more. We’re witnessing a broader divide, as other nations are experiencing this same separation. The whole of our community is slowly being torn apart; I believe, due to these marital divisions.

Traditional marriage is becoming a pastime, as we’re confronted with disease and sickness, brought on by choices, all around the world. 

Life as we know it, is changing, and I believe, this is a wake-up call for us all.


Unity In God’s Church

1 Timothy 3:5 teaches us, “For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church?”

Unity in the home, makes for unity in the Church. Making a life together, requires a partnership; togetherness. Working together, requires all parties to be involved, and if they’re only in it for their own interest, then you know you’re going to have a problem. 

We are married into community with other believers; just like marriage. God knows our needs. Thus, He calls us to fellowship with one another. We are called to love one another, as He has also called us to love Him.

I have shared in my previous writings how I believe the world is in a season of reckoning. We are healing from some very deep wounds in our nation, as there has been much divide for quite some time. There are many suffering needlessly, and our God of all mankind will not sit back and idly watch this continue to happen.


We don’t have time to waste! It’s time to turn it back over to Him. Let us learn from our mistakes, and move forward. God calls us His children. It is important to keep in fellowship with one another, bringing more unity into His Church. His world Church (all nations under God), and nations are being joined together (through this crisis), as we speak. The lines of division are disappearing before our eyes. We must work together. 

In our homes is where the true nature of unity begins. We have time, now, to spend with our families, a much-needed healing time for us all. We have this time to come back together in our homes. What we are teaching our children through this crisis, will reach beyond their lifetime. Only God knows what’s best for you in your life, in this moment; but, I can guarantee, if you learn to pay attention to the signs, all around you, walking out His divine plan (for your life), you will recognize this for yourselves.

All things do work together for our good, and that is for the good of all mankind. The time is now. We are in this together; let us use this time, to replant and to grow.

GOD TV is launching a new television station, Shelanu TV, that will air in Israel, in Hebrew, for the first-time-ever in history. This is an exciting time, everyone! Be encouraged that God is at work through this crisis, and we will overcome! 


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