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Unplanned The Movie Creates Shockwaves In Canada On Opening Weekend

Pro-Life film has impressive finish at the Canadian box office, despite death threats, protests and secular media bias

Unplanned The Movie Creates Shockwaves In Canada On Opening Weekend
Unplanned The Movie Creates Shockwaves In Canada On Opening Weekend

Unplanned The Movie defied expectations at the box office during its opening weekend in Canada, garnering $352,510 CDN in ticket sales, with a per-screen-average of $7,194, at 49 Canadian theaters — independents, Cineplex and Landmark locations. It was the second-highest per-screen-average in North America for July 12-14.

This was an impressive and surprising opening for the controversial abortion biopic despite the numerous obstacles it faced in Canada, including death threats and harassment against movie theaters that showed the movie, protests and fierce opposition from the country’s secular media outlets. Unplanned The Movie was distributed throughout Canada in theaters and other venues by Cinedicom, an independent distribution firm.

Unplanned The Movie

Unplanned was written and directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, the writers/co-producers of God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2.

“Canada wanted Unplanned and Canada got Unplanned,” said Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, co-directors. “We are grateful to the people of Canada for their bold witness for life. What Abby saw is what Canada is now able to see firsthand. Canadians are seeing the reality of abortion and the power of redemption. Hearts and minds are changing.”

“It’s overwhelming to be a part of this international movement,” said BJ McKelvie, pastor and president of Cinedicom, the film’s Canadian distributor. “Against all odds, we successfully brought Unplanned The Movie to the people of Canada.”

Unplanned The Movie is the dramatic account of a former Planned Parenthood superstar, Abby Johnson. In eight years, she rose from college volunteer, to one of the youngest clinic directors, to Employee of the Year … then she assisted with an abortion. The inspiring film traces Johnson’s journey from staunch abortion advocate to standing side-by-side with the people who prayed for her spiritual transformation and facing the full, head-on attack of one of the most powerful organizations on Earth.

The theme song of Unplanned The Movie

Cinedicom has more than 61 years’ experience in the film industry and 30 years in the marketing and advertising industry. Over the past 61 years its team has booked hundreds of thousands of movies for all major and minor studios.


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