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The Word Of God Cannot Be Chained

"We’ve not been called to run and hide."

The Word Of God Cannot Be Chained
The Word Of God Cannot Be Chained

Is this unprecedented time restraining the Word of God? Has the pandemic chained the Gospel?

Unprecedented Time

The year 2020 is an unforgettable year for everyone. It is the year when many lives and nations were shaken, our busy lives were suddenly silenced, the economy plummeted, and millions of people’s lives were taken. Amidst the difficult situation, as followers of Jesus Christ, our calling is not to tremble in fear but to stand in our faith.

“We’re living in those unprecedented times. Certainly, in the last century, we’ve never seen what is happening in the world today. And yet, as God’s people, we’ve not been called to run and hide, we’ve been called to stand in faith, in the light of Christ, to speak to a generation,” Nathan Morris said.

“The Word of God can not be chained”

Despite what happened the past year, one thing is still true, the Lord reigns overall. The Lord is still victorious and the devil can never win against Him. After this difficult time, the harvest is ripe and revival is in the air!

“While the Church is upon this earth, the devil can not do what he wants to do. Why? Because there is a harvest to be reaped,” he added.

Evangelist Nathan then referenced 2 Timothy 2:9 to emphasize that the Word can never be chained! Nothing can ever stop the Word of God!

“for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained.” 2 Timothy  2:9

“Devil, I’ve got news for you, the Word of God can not be chained,” Nathan emphasized. “That means the Word is still working in your life. That word of destiny shall come to pass. There is no devil that can stop it, His Word can not be chained.”


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