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Stop Focusing On Your Unworthiness In The Presence Of God

"Act like you’re forgiven."

Stop Focusing On Your Unworthiness In The Presence Of God
Stop Focusing On Your Unworthiness In The Presence Of God

Stop focusing on your unworthiness in the presence of God. Come into His presence not as a sinner, but as a child.

Gospel Truth

In an episode of Gospel Truth, Andrew Wommack shares to us a life-changing message about how Jesus forgave us from all our sins. When Jesus died on the cross for us, we are made righteous at that moment. We are made new because of what He has done and not because of our own understanding and good deeds.

“The Bible says that we are righteous through what Jesus did for us and not through what we do for Him… If you’re going to accept that you became a sinner through Adam, you have to accept that you’d become righteous through Jesus, not through what you do,” Andrew said.


He then shared a story of how his dog, Honey, always came to him differently than a normal dog would. Instead of jumping unto him joyfully, she always greeted him anxious that he would beat her. It is because of how her past owners treated her and she still hadn’t come to understand that she’s with a new and loving owner now.

How his dog acts lead Andrew to hear what the Lord wanted him to understand. The Lord wanted Andrew to stop coming into His presence as a sinner but as a forgiven child of God.

“One time, I would like you to come into my presence, and instead of talking about how sorry you are and what a terrible person you are and a sinner and confessing all your faults, why don’t you come in praising Me for loving you? And act like you’re forgiven,” the Lord said to Andrew.

God’s Love

God wants us to stop focusing on how unworthy we are. Instead, He wants us to focus on His great love and what Jesus did for us.

“If all you do is focus on your unworthiness, you are never going to be able to really receive the love that God wants you to have. God has changed you, you are a brand-new person if you’ve made Jesus your Lord.”

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