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USA Life – It’s The New Place Christians Are Hanging Out Online

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USA Life – It’s The New Place Christians Are Hanging Out Online
USA Life – It’s The New Place Christians Are Hanging Out Online

The new social media platform, USA Life is quickly becoming the new place where Christians are hanging out, especially in America. However, the platform is available to people of any country.

The USA.Life website is a great place where early adopters will no doubt be rewarded with an opportunity to reach a new group of people not found elsewhere. Founded by a high tech pastor, Steven Andrew, in Silicon Valley, the success of this project has been nothing short of miraculous!

It is amazing how Christians from coast to coast across America have helped fund USA Life, to create a place where the Gospel can be shared without hindrance. We all know how the Bible tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings and it’s clear that this project has God’s hand all over it.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,” (Zechariah 4:10)

Even though it has only been operational barely six months USA Life already has most of the functionality you’d expect to find on major competitor sites and many are finding it to be a viable alternative to Facebook, Twitter Linked-in and or Instagram.

Follow GOD TV on USA.Life

GOD TV has been steadily building our presence on the new platform and we invite you to join us there. You can like the GOD TV page at USA.LIFE where we are already have close on 5,000 likes.

Follow us on this dynamic new platform and let’s do our part to help them extend God’s Kingdom.

Discover its uniqueness!

USA Life works much like Facebook in that you have a user profile and you can make friends, like pages and join groups etc, however it also has some cool differences.  For example, in addition to the usual list of responses to posts (like, love etc) there is also a ‘patriotic button’ which enables you to share the US flag where appropriate.

The whole idea according to Pastor Steven is to develop a community that honors America’s founding Fathers and their vision for America. Read how USA Life was founded and its aim to unify Americans of all walks of life.

Also, if you support the project by becoming a Pro Member you can boost your posts, pages and groups. This helps newcomers plug into a growing community and gain a new audience much quicker than on other platforms where people may only see your post if you pay for each one to reach a wider audience. Becoming a Pro Member does require a one-off fee but it’s well worth it. Otherwise you can join as a standard member for free!

Try USA Life out for yourself. Many users find the site empowering, knowing you can share the Gospel freely without having to be overly cautious. Though it was founded by Christians and has a bold Christian witness, USA Life is not exclusively Christian and represents a new and untapped mission field especially amongst people who truly love the USA.

This post was written by Al Gibson who is a fan of USA Life and already has over 5,000 friends, which is far more than he has on Facebook.

“I am pleased to be on USA Life to help it grow. It’s amazing what Christians can accomplish if we work together,Al says. “Imagine if USA Life could be a platform as widespread as Facebook and Twitter. As a journalist, I want to contribute to the project by providing relevant content that encourages readers.  I love the new mission field it opens up for us to share the Gospel further.”

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