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Own a Business? Here’s How You Can Use Your Business For Missions

How we can use our vocation or business as a mission for the Kingdom of God

Own a Business? Here’s How You Can Use Your Business For Missions
Own a Business? Here’s How You Can Use Your Business For Missions

“All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the LORD has commanded.” (Exodus 35:10)

When I first read Michael Baer’s book Business as Mission, it led me to a paradigm shift of how I view God’s mandate to spread the Gospel and how God worked in the lives of His children to use their vocation or their businesses as a platform for missions.

We are “mobilizers” in the mission field of God

I realized that there were already many businesses being used for mission or Kingdom Business movements around the world by the time I had my God-inspired dream where He was telling me that “…there’s not much time left…”. I was crying when I woke up and remembered what He told me in my dream. I never knew that God had already etched in our hearts as a family to become intentional with the Gospel.

It dawned on me that truly living as a Christian would mean sharing the Gospel to the lost with every possible opportunity – the clock is ticking and people are dying every minute without ever knowing Christ. I thought to myself, “we’re not missionaries, but the love we have for the lost is the same”.

The Kairos Course and the Short Term Mission that our church sponsors to Morocco were some of the many catalysts for us to gain a deeper understanding of God’s work and how, as a family, we understood that we are “mobilizers” in the mission field of God.

So if you are like me (or like us), working or owning a business, you may ask, “What is my involvement in the overall Great Commission of God?” “Do I need to leave my job or my business to enter into the mission field?” Not necessarily.

Use your business for missions

God has gifted each one of us for the ministry and for His work. He will use your background, training, and experiences to specifically direct you how to become a blessing to others if you will let Him. This understanding is what reinforced what I learned from the Theology of Work Class that my pastor-brother (Ptr. Abraham Espeso of TFCCD) taught in the past.

If we come to understand that our job and our business can become a tool to sustain us in this life AND build wealth to finance His Kingdom building activities, it will be easier for us to put things in perspective. We will no longer view our job as a rat race nor our respective businesses a medium just to accumulate wealth or simply put food on the table for our family – We’re not created by God just for that end, it’s much deeper than that.

If we put God in the equation, we know that beneath our work and our businesses there are also many other lives that we need to be thinking about, and how they, too, can come to know Christ. This will give us a sense of purpose and a deeper meaning for when it comes to living out the Christian life.

We have a gracious God

Let’s use our calling, vocation, business, etc. as a platform to introduce every person that God sends our way towards a growing relationship with Christ. If we do, we don’t need to think about how our job or business will turn out because we know that we have a gracious God. He will equip us and provide what we need to accomplish His plan and purpose for our lives.  We’ve seen for decades how Christian business leaders like Cathy Truett, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, David Green and others have succeeded – their secret formula is – Put God first!

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