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Video: Father Sings to Daughter as They Escape California Wildfire

Video footage of one family's escape from Paradise, California

The current wildfires are the deadliest in California history.

Most of us cannot image what it would be like to actually run for our lives, let alone from one of the most destructive natural forces on earth. Within minutes it can engulf entire towns, leveling buildings to the ground, leaving nothing but charred remnants of cities and communities.

250,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind their homes, possessions, farms, and even beloved animals.


This video is real footage of one family’s escape from Paradise, California, a town that is all but embers and ash now. As we get a glimpse of the blazing surroundings, a father is heard calmly reassuring his young daughter that the fires won’t touch them.

“Hey guess what, we’re not gonna catch on fire, okay?”

“We’ll be just fine.”

He actually begins to sing over her, “Baby it’ll be alright.”

This story is a reminder of the authority of our Heavenly Father and the peace His voice brings. He is in the midst of us no matter the flames, no matter the circumstances or the outcome.

Paradise, CA
Camp Fire as seen from space.

How you can help people affected by the wildfires:

  1. PRAY for miraculous protection for residents, law enforcement, rapid response teams, firefighters, first responders, and everyone on the ground and in the air. Stand together in prayer.
  2. GIVE to the Red Cross. The need is great.

Video credit: NBC News

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