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Video Of The Day: Do We Really Have Free Will?

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias's brilliantly answers this tough question from an atheist scientist

Video Of The Day: Do We Really Have Free Will?
Video Of The Day: Do We Really Have Free Will?

Ravi Zacharias is an Indian-born Canadian-American Christian apologist who often speaks at universities taking Q&A sessions on religious issues. When asked by a student how we can have free will, if God knows everything and our choices are pre-determined, Ravi provided a compelling answer…. Watch the video below, which has been viewed by over 3-million people, and be inspired by his answer to this complex issue.

“How do we have freewill, If God is this omniscient being that knows everything about us, everything we will do, and pretty much knows our outcome before we were even created?” the student asks… “Then he creates us knowing pretty much everything we will do, since we can’t surprise him by our actions, we have no free will, out choices are pre-determined then the act of judgement is completely immoral because he knows what we are going to do because nothing surprises him?

According to┬á Ravi is “generally referred to as the greatest apologist of our time, He is truly making a significant mark in history by his successful defence of the Biblical views of Christianity. A very talented and gifted speaker, pastor and apologist, Ravi is one of the leading figures in the Christian faith today, travelling around the world and leading millions of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Ravi is also the author of numerous books, including Can Man Live Without God? and is the host of Let My People Think on GOD TV.

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