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Vulnerability Revealed Through Trust

Are you choosing trust?

Vulnerability Revealed Through Trust
Vulnerability Revealed Through Trust

Trust, this is something that either feels good or scares you to death. It can bring good memories or ones that you would rather not remember.

What relationship do you have with trust?

I used to have a love hate relationship with trust because I never knew what to expect. And…I did not want to really let anyone in…not even God. However, I learned that true relationship that is healthy is founded on trust. The only way to get to a place of complete trust is to let people in. Be vulnerable, be open…be you.

The Lord revealed to me, just a few years ago, that I was special, unique, and loved. I was loved by Him. Sure, that was a gimme…and I was probably loved by others. How loved was I? Did I give others the opportunity to love me, by opening the door to see inside my heart? In order to be loved by others, I had to let people see me… really see me. It was the only way they could know me and ultimately, love me.

What about you?

Do you let people in? Are you authentic? I am learning to become more and more open. In fact, I had a new group friends recently, upon meeting me for the first time, tell me they loved my transparency. I was taken aback and proud all at the same time. I have allowed God to change me and their response made it evident.

Trust is allowing people to see you and know you. Allowing them to see the good AND the bad. It is actually so freeing because hiding is no longer necessary. It is so much better that way. That’s what love really is, after all.

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