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Waiting For A Breakthrough? Burn The Bridges To Your Past!

Past Is Powerful, But Only If You Allow It to!

Waiting For A Breakthrough? Burn The Bridges To Your Past!
Waiting For A Breakthrough? Burn The Bridges To Your Past!

I doubt there is a Christian that does not love breakthroughs. I believe most want to have multiple breakthroughs -financial, relational, professional, you name it. God wants to bless you more than what you can imagine and His strategies involve time, people, and places. He gives you the connections that will lead you to your breakthrough. But first, you need to burn the bridges to your past.

The Breakthrough Thief

Remember, the devil can never thwart God’s plans so he seeks ways to hinder you from reaching your breakthrough. One of his tricks is to use people around you that are skillful in abusing your God-given gifts. For instance, as a child of God, you have the gift of compassion. Some people start to manipulate you and use your compassionate nature to get their selfish motives accomplished.

Waiting For A Breakthrough: 24×7

Not knowing that you are being manipulated, you feel like you are on an endless spiritual warfare quest while waiting for a breakthrough. Christian living involves ongoing spiritual warfare. However, you must understand that it is not always praying and waiting. Sometimes praying and acting go hand in hand. When God instructs you to do something, do it.

Burning Before Blessing

Have you ever thought that it could be you that is stopping yourself from receiving breakthroughs?

Carrying your past hurt, old mindsets, and mostly some relationships that affect you negatively requires your immediate action. So burn the bridges to your past concerning these elements. Let go.

Ask God and you will be surprised as He reveals certain toxic relationships that you have been tolerating. God wants every blessing, relational, or financial, to be productive. Consider maintaining healthy boundaries even if some relationships are not necessarily toxic but unfruitful. If you hope to become a giant slayer, stop being around naysayers and join hands with Davids. If you don’t find any Davids nearby, then you become one to lead others. Become the change you hope to see! 

God has called you to love your neighbor as yourself. Not more than yourself!

Don’t confuse ending toxic relationships with loving and forgiving people. Forgiveness is mandatory but reconciliation with people who try to steal your calling? You must learn to differentiate Judas from Peter. You have to forgive, love, pray, and let go of Judas, but you have to forgive and reconcile with Peter. Sometimes you need Judas only until you enter into your assignment but you will need Peter to keep building your assignment.

If you analyze the ministry of Jesus, He never needed anyone to testify about anybody. He knew everybody’s heart. So He always maintained boundaries when it all summed up to one and only one thing – His calling.

Loving Your Enemies

On the other hand, if you continue encouraging toxic people to take advantage of you, hoping that they will change or for some reason, you want to feel you will be a better Christian by enduring such persecution, think again. God loves them too and He wants them to change. But by not disconnecting from such people, you will only stop God from working in their lives. Sometimes it is better to give them to God and mind your own business. You will feel a huge burden taken off of your shoulder.

Waiting For A Breakthrough: Depart From Past

Your past is not just a place where you used to be. But it has the power to influence your present and your future. It includes several elements that are connected to your life.

For instance, your mistakes, your shame, your guilt, and your failures and the people who witnessed you falling will continue to look you in the same light. You have surrendered all of your past mess to Jesus and He has forgiven you. You are free from everything that you used to be without Him. But you have to let go and burn the bridges to your traumatic past that has people, places, or even things that could serve as elements that can destroy your joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength and you need strength to move forward in your race. Hoping and waiting for a breakthrough is good, but go burn some bridges first!

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer, and perfecter of faith.” (Hebrews 12:1-2)



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