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WATCH: The Love You’re Looking For

Short film by Alec Bevere in support of pregnant and post-abortive women

WATCH: The Love You’re Looking For
WATCH: The Love You’re Looking For

Son of pastor and New York Times bestseller Lisa Bevere, actor and director, Alec Bevere, has released his new short film, “The Love You’re Looking For”.

The short film is meant to paint a picture of hope for those who are in seemingly impossible situations. It shows the power of listening to your heart even when it seems like you have no other choice.

In support of women and couples who feel that they have no other choice but to abort, Alec paints a picture of hope and possibility.

In Alec Bevere’s Instagram story yesterday, he shared about the overwhelming response of those who are being touched by the film. Testimonies of healing and forgiveness.

Alec and Lisa interview and share “Secrets Behind The Film” where the audience learns about the intentionality and detail of the film. Hidden meanings and symbolism – the film is engaging and emotional.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here:

For support of those who may be facing these same trials, or perhaps have in the past and have never found the resolution they needed, visit where they offer support to post-abortive and pregnant women as well as women or families who decided to keep their child.


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