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Watch “The Prophetic Word” With Dr. Michelle Corral On GOD TV

Starts Thursday October 15th 2020 on!

Watch “The Prophetic Word” With Dr. Michelle Corral On GOD TV
Watch “The Prophetic Word” With Dr. Michelle Corral On GOD TV

Dr. Michelle Corral is an evangelist, humanitarian, author, and founder of Breath of the Spirit International Ministries, Inc. Driven by a mission to bring the prophetic word of God to Southern California, and the entire globe, Dr. Corral provides destiny-focused principles for your life.

For more than forty-two years she has traveled the world serving those in need with humanitarian missions, global evangelization and training leaders in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She has committed herself to discover the secrets that lie in scripture. Hebrew insight, unparalleled knowledge have placed her among the most respected biblical experts among ministerial constituents.

Dr. Michelle Corral is a product of the Jesus movement revival that changed Christianity.
In 1971, at 17 years old, she had a radical experience with the Lord and never looked back. In the early 1970’s, she experienced the honor of sitting under the ministry of Kathryn Khulman when she came to California.

At just twenty-four years old, Dr. Corral dedicated her life to service. Since then, she has traveled tirelessly around the United States and the world bringing the word of God and humanitarian relief to the those in need. In 1979, she founded Breath of the Spirit Ministries International, Inc. Since then, she has evangelized over forty countries, authored books, and launched humanitarian initiatives in locations such as Egypt, Sierra Leon, Uganda, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria to name a few.

The call to ministry, drive for excellence, and the anointing for the understanding of the revelations of the prophetic word has made Dr. Michelle Corral an international figurehead and respected expert in Biblical prophecy, secrets and history. Every area of her life has been committed to her ministry, forsaking all the world may have to offer to serve, study, and evangelize as Jesus has called her to do.

Dr. Michelle offers an array of spirit-filled books with her most recent book being Secrets of the Anointing. These written works cover topics ranging from character refinement to spiritual health. Readers will find that none of them lack in Biblical truths.

The Prophetic Word with Dr. Michelle Corral provides destiny focused principle for your life with a focus of impartation to the viewer. Experience the personal, powerful, and the prophetic word of God unveiling the secrets of the power of the biblical feasts. The revelations of the prophetic word will bring you to the next level on your path to destiny.


Image Source: Dr. Michelle Corral

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