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Watch What You Allow To Enter Through Your Senses

Be careful what you filter through your senses!

Watch What You Allow To Enter Through Your Senses
Watch What You Allow To Enter Through Your Senses

Mental Filters

We make sense of our surroundings through, well, our senses. Our senses give us a perception of things around us. We orient ourselves through our senses. When they are working well feel well-connected to reality. If one of our senses is defective then we become less sure of ourselves. And if our eyesight is defective we become less sure of our surroundings. If our ears are defective we have difficulty communicating with others. We need to watch what we see and hear as this is how we understand the world around us.

If we don’t censor the information we receive and expose ourselves to see and hear anything without filters then we experience information overload. This can be confusing and produce a chaotic world within us. Filters are important as they enable us to let in what is good and deflect what is not. There is so much fake news trying to infiltrate our psyche and that we see and hear it daily. If we are not careful they will influence us in ways unhelpful to our well-being.

Watch What You Speak

What we allow inside us will lead to what we speak out of us. Input equals output. Rubbish in leads to rubbish out. We can see how our lives are evolving over a period of time by the words we speak. Our words will lead to a downward spiral or upward ascent. God spoke and He made the world (see Gen 1:3-24). We too speak and make our world. If we speak good and positive things then good will eventuate. Conversely, if our speech is foul then expect a foul outcome.

Senses: A Solution

God is in the business of preparing us to rule and reign in His Kingdom. We need to cooperate with Him in preparing ourselves, for this is our destiny in Christ. Part of this preparation is to be holy as He is holy. Let not anything foul come out of us. We must be led by the Spirit each day as we live in a corrupt world and are daily bombarded by negative fake news. Meditate on His Word and transform by the renewal of our minds. This is God’s Will for those called to follow Him. Be watchful and pray for the days are evil.

John Mathai

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