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Water Poured Out Changes to Wine

And when they poured out their pitcher for the master of ceremonies to sample, the water became wine! - John 2:9

Water Poured Out Changes to Wine
Water Poured Out Changes to Wine

Jesus’s first miracle was performed not in the sight of the wealthy, but that of the lowly servants. Scripture tells us the headwaiter at this wedding didn’t know where the wine came from, but the servers did. The headwaiter was clearly ignorant about the fact the wine had ran out, suggesting he wasn’t very good at stewarding the other servers. As a result, he missed out on a wondrous sign. A friend says, “There are certain things revealed only to those who serve.”

Step of Faith

It was the servants who obeyed Jesus and filled pots to the brim with water, dipped their pitchers in the water, and carried it to him. Can you imagine getting ready to fill his glass, knowing it’s water in your pitcher? Talk about a step of faith! Imagine the server’s relief when it was wine in his master’s cup! The Lord will give us many things, but it’s when we pour out what He gives that the miracles and change happen.

The story goes on. Not knowing where the wine came from, the headwaiter credits the bridegroom for saving the best wine for last, oblivious to Jesus’s involvement.

The Best for Last

Have you ever heard it said, “God saves the best for last”? Often it’s this story that’s used to back up that statement.

But is it true?

When we read this story, the last wine came from Jesus, but the first wine didn’t. It wasn’t Jesus that saved the best for last. In fact, that was His first wine – the first miracle – of His ministry! The very beginning of His ministry was better than the best of man-made efforts. He had the best wine all along.

Jesus’s wine is always the best, whether first or last. We tend not to ask for His wine until we run out of our own. So very often we wait until we are at the end of ourselves to ask for His best. Often we receive His best failing to acknowledge His involvement in creating it.

Questions to Ask Yourself

What do you need to ask for His best in today?

What water has He given that you need to pour out?

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