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We Are Godly Vessels

God has given each of us a special anointing.

We Are Godly Vessels
We Are Godly Vessels

“But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of  earth…” 

(2 Timothy 2:20)

Anointing is like a liquid that is poured into a vessel. Every liquid has a corresponding bottle or vessel. For instance, Coca-Cola is only found in Coca-Cola bottles. This is because specific fluids are associated with specific bottles. It is the same concept with the anointing.


Specific anointings are associated with certain types of people. An evangelistic anointing will go with a certain type of personality and character. A pastoral anointing will fit into a certain type of vessel. You and I are those vessels. If you desire a particular anointing, God will mold you into the type of vessel that can contain that anointing.

If God wants you to be a great pastor, He may work on your education. God may be working on your language. He may try to polish your manners and general etiquette! He may send you to a Bible school for training or to a secular university for molding. God may take you through various humbling experiences. All He is doing is preparing a vessel that can handle the anointing. This is the principle of vessel change. If you desire a strong prophetic anointing, God is likely to require you to live a life of solitude. You cannot have such an anointing if you do not make time to wait on the Lord.

Many changes may have to take place in your character and moral life if God is to use you for great achievements. Those who refuse to change and to modify are refusing to surrender to God’s will. God doesn’t call pieces of us – He calls ALL of us.


This article was written by Ogunsiilu Babajide.

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