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Terminally Ill Dad Lives To See His Daughter’s Wedding Day. Passes Away Days Later

This is what a father's love looks like!

Terminally Ill Dad Lives To See His Daughter’s Wedding Day. Passes Away Days Later
Terminally Ill Dad Lives To See His Daughter’s Wedding Day. Passes Away Days Later

A terminally ill father got his final wish of walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Sadly, just three days after the wedding, the father of the bride passed away.

Last wish

Pedro Villarin was bedridden after his year-long battle with liver cancer; his last wish was to see his daughter married. The family of the 65-year-old father fulfilled his dream by defying all the negative circumstances associated with their wedding day.

Just a few months from the original wedding date planned, Pedro was admitted to the hospital due to extreme pain. They all feared that Pedro would not live long enough to be present on the planned wedding date so they had to move up the wedding day to make it two months earlier.

The coordinators and suppliers of the wedding of Pedro’s daughter Charlotte, cooperated with the family and made everything possible. Pedro’s family even hired an ambulance and a private nurse to take him to the ceremony which took place in Manila, Philippines.

The wedding day

Pedro accompanied his daughter down the aisle in a wheelchair stretcher because he was too weak to walk. The family helped by pushing the stretcher up the aisle while Charlotte was holding the hand of her father. Pedro’s last wish was granted as he was able to personally give Charlotte away to the bridegroom, Mark Cordova.

“This was really an emotional moment. My father’s wish was to see his daughter married and we made it come true for him. It made the day very bitter-sweet. It hurt me knowing that he would be leaving us but I was happy that he was there. I am happy he could see me get married,” Charlotte said.

Sadly, Pedro passed away three days after the wedding. The newlyweds took their grief to Facebook by posting a picture of the bride and her dad with a caption “Papu, I love you so much.”

This post was written by Rhoda Gayle

Reference: Facebook | Charlotte Gat Villarin – Cordova

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