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All The Latest From GOD TV Co-Founder Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec delivers the next Chronicles Of Brothers cliffhanger

All The Latest From GOD TV Co-Founder Wendy Alec
All The Latest From GOD TV Co-Founder Wendy Alec

GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec has already written two new books since she stepped down as CEO in 2016 to devote her time to creative evangelism. The first is End of Days which delivers the next thrilling episode of the Chronicles of Brothers. The second is a follow up to her popular Visions From Heaven Series, entitled Wounded Warriors: Out of the Wilderness.

For those who love Wendy’s best-selling Chronicles Series, the question is invariably: “When is the next one coming out?” The answer is that Book 5 is now available… Titled End of Days it is the sequel to A Pale Horse, Son of Perdition, The First Judgement, and The Fall of Lucifer. And, already fans want to know when Book 6 hits!  Such is the nature of an epic fantasy saga, especially when it’s being made into a major television series.

Over the past three years, Wendy Alec has transitioned from a household name on Christian TV and self-published author to become an international figure reaching a wider-ranging readership. Since she signed with one of the world’s top publishers, Harper Collins, Chronicles has been relaunched on a much wider scale and in coming years Wendy will roll out the TV series on commercial platforms to billions of viewers.

Wendy Alec has been working around the clock to get the Chronicles of Brothers made into a TV series through Warboys Entertainment, her London-based company that is spearheading the dramatisation of the books. This has always been Wendy’s dream, to reach people who would never set foot in a church or watch Christian TV! She wrote The Fall of Lucifer as a screenplay even before GOD TV started in 1995 but never had time to develop it for TV until now.

Chronicles of Brothers by Wendy Alec

As the cover of End of Days describes the Chronicles saga, it is “the story of three brothers fighting for the future of humanity. From desert tombs, to the towers of Wall Street, to the ancient past, this super-epic tale reveals the hidden history of mankind and the origins of evil itself.”

Order Chronicles of Brothers / End of Days

End of Days

In this fifth novel in the series, Wendy Alec continues the saga writing about the “Brothers at war. Mankind deceived. Hell on Earth…”

Jason De Vere, once the head of a global media empire is found face down in the snow with no recollection of how he got there. He’s soon on the run again with a $50-million bounty on his head. Thrown together with his ex-wife and a crusading young journalist, he begins a desperate search for answers.

“It’s a race against time, a fight for survival – and the stakes are higher than he could possibly have imagined. 4-billion microchips – promising miraculous benefits – are being shipped to population centres around the world. And soon every human being on Earth will have to make a choice…”

Order Chronicles of Brothers / End of Days. The series is available as a paper back or ebook. There are also audio versions available narrated by Nathaniel Brady.

An Update with Wendy Alec

Watch the video below as Wendy Alec talks about her life and passion to touch people’s lives. She shares how Chronicles came into being and where the project is headed. You will also hear more about Wounded Warriors: Out of the Wilderness, which reaches out to people facing heartbreak and pain.

You can also see the trailer below for Visions From Heaven and watch the series on demand at www.god.tv

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