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Were Joseph and Mary Palestinians?

Were Joseph and Mary Palestinians?
Were Joseph and Mary Palestinians?

This is a Christmas card by British street artist, Banksy. It pictures Joseph and Miriam (Mary) trying to get to Bethlehem, but they are stopped by “the evil Israeli WALL OF SEPARATION”. This is wrong on so many levels. 

  1. Joseph and Miriam were JEWS! Not Palestinians.
  2. It is true that they would not be able to get to Bethlehem today, but that is because Israeli Jews are forbidden from entering Palestinian Authority-controlled Bethlehem.
  3. The Christian population in Bethlehem in 1950 was 80%, now it is 15%, and the rest are Muslim. Banksy has nothing to say about Muslims driving out Christians.
  4. If Joseph and Miriam were Palestinian Christians, Israel would not be their concern but “Islamic State” (ISIS), who would not build a fence, but behead Joseph and make Miriam a slave.
  5. The picture of the wall is a LIE! The security fence, as we call it in Israel, is 96% mesh fence and only 4% wall—just in areas where terrorists were shooting motorists from their rooftops. However nearly every photo of the fence is of a wall.
  6. The security fence has saved hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. Suicide bombing immediately went down by 90% and we have not had a bombing in some time. I am truly sorry that it has caused some inconvenience to Palestinians. Our other option was to continue to allow terrorists to blow up buses, restaurants, etc.
  7. The only reason Israel controls any of these areas is because of relentless attacks from Arab nations that ruled these lands. And when these nations controlled “Palestinian lands” there was no cry for an independent Palestinian country. Only after Israel responded and captured the lands from her belligerent neighbors.


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