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What Are The Best Christian Universities Online?

A classroom is not the only place to receive a quality education.

What Are The Best Christian Universities Online?
What Are The Best Christian Universities Online?

You have always dreamt of attending college and getting a degree. That degree was going to get you to the next step in your career path. But life happens. Whatever the situation is, or was, you had to push pause on your education. But now, you are in a better position to pick up where you left off. However, you may not be able to fly off to a college campus across the country. This is where Christian universities online can help you achieve your goals. With this type of education, you can earn your degree while you hold a job, take care of the kids, or attend to life’s responsibilities.

Why Choose Christian Universities Online?

There are differences between a face-to-face classroom setting and a computer at a desk. You do not have direct access to a professor, and you lose the camaraderie of other students. However, there are many advantages to Christian universities online. Here are some other benefits:

    • An online university gives the same degree as a classroom degree. There is no differentiation between Christian universities online or in person.
    • An online degree can save you money. Often less expensive than attending an on-campus college, primarily you are saving room and board costs, as well as books.
    • An online university offers better course selection. You don’t have to worry about limitations due to enrollment or professor availability at Christian universities online.
    • An online degree can increase your value to an employer. It adds value to your resume to the company you work for.
    • An online degree allows you to earn more. You will gain a much-needed education. As a result, the better pay you can expect to receive.

Which Online University is the Best? – North vs. South


Liberty University is in Lynchburg, VA. It ranks number two in the best Christian universities online in America. They have over 250 programs for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate degrees. They also have programs for Certificates and Associate degrees. Credit hours begin at $390/credit unit for a full-time student. Financial Aid is available, and Military personnel receives discounts on tuition. Their most popular majors are Liberal Arts, Psychology, Business, and Religious Studies.

Concordia University-Saint Paul is in St. Paul, MN.  It rates one of 2019s best online colleges by US News. They offer over 80 programs for Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Credit hours begin at $420/credit unit for a full-time student. Financial Aid is available. They also provide a discount for Military personnel. The popular Majors at CU are Business, Child Development, and Criminal Justice.


LeTourneau University is in Longview, TX. It is rated number one on the list of Best Christian universities online by Niche. They offer around 50 programs for Bachelor’s and Graduate degrees. Credit hours begin at $355/credit unit for a full-time student. Check with the college about Financial Aid opportunities. Their popular majors are Business, Elementary Education, and Mechanical Engineering. Also, LU offers classes for Dual Credit for High School Students.

Southwestern Assembly of God University is in Waxahachie, TX. It is rated number 21 on the list of Best Christian universities online by Niche. They offer around 50 programs for Associate, Bachelors, and Master’s degrees. Credit hours begin around $499/credit unit. While this may be the highest of the group, Financial Aid opportunities are available. The popular major is Biblical Studies. In addition to college courses, SAGU offers classes for High School students to earn Dual Credit.

Which Online University is the Best? – East and West


Southwestern Wesleyan University is in Central, SC. They are rated number 14 on Niche’s list of the best online universities, and number 16 of the most affordable online universities. They offer 15-20 programs for students to earn their Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree. SWU also offers a program for a student’s Doctorate. Credit hours begin at $430/credit unit for undergraduates. Financial Aid is available as well as a discount to Military students. The most popular majors are in Business, Childhood and Family Studies, and Nursing.

Asbury University is located in the city of Wilmore, KY. They are ranked number nine on Niche’s list of the best online universities. They offer ten programs to earn an undergraduate degree. Graduate opportunities, as well as Dual Credit online courses, are also available. Credit hours begin at $399/credit unit for undergraduate studies. Financial Aid is available; 99% of students receive some form of aid. Science, Elementary Education, and Leadership and Ministry are among their popular majors.


Colorado Christian University is in Lakewood, CO. It ranks number 12 on Niche’s list of Best Value Colleges in Colorado. They offer 80 academic programs for Associates, Bachelor’s, Graduate, and Doctorate Degrees. Credit hours begin at $469/credit unit. Financial aid and military discounts are available. The popular majors offered at CCU are Business, Psychology, and Nursing.

Hope International University is in Fullerton, CA. It is rated number 17 on Niche’s list of Best Online Colleges for Religious Studies. They offer six-degree programs for students to obtain an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Credit hours begin at $450/ credit unit. Financial Aid and military discounts are available. Criminal Justice, Liberal Studies, Business Administration, and Christian Ministries are majors that are available online.

Christian Universities Online: Final Word

As you can see, there is a wide variety of Christian universities online for you to choose from. And this is not even the beginning of the opportunities available to you. The best thing about an online college is that most of the time, you do not have to live in the state where the college campus is. That being said, please make sure before you begin the process that they do in fact, offer the degree you are seeking.

Finally, going back to school is a major step in life. Therefore, it requires hard work and determination. But as you have discovered in life that if God is guiding you down the path, you must follow his lead. With Christ, nothing else will matter; finances will find their way, time will make itself available, and you will find brains you did not know you had.

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