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While You Are Waiting, Build and Worship!

While You Are Waiting, Build and Worship!
While You Are Waiting, Build and Worship!

While you are waiting, what do you do? We tend to focus on what we are waiting on during the season of waiting. We may be waiting for an admission to a study program, we may be waiting for a job; maybe, we may be waiting to find the rightful partner, or  we may be waiting for a baby. I have come to figure out that there is never a time when we are not waiting. It is what we do during our wait that matters. Though, some people may be waiting, it just does not seem as if they were seeking for something. While some are busy with waiting. You, basically, can read it on them.

Don’t miss the moment

It is easy to lose our focus while we wait. This is an aspect that is not always evident, but unfortunately true. During our waiting season all we think about is that thing we want to see come to pass. It is good to hope and expect. I mean, without faith, it is impossible to please God. However, it is clearly a different thing when our waiting becomes an obsession, leading to parttime depression and some probably to everlasting one. Meanwhile, when they receive what they have been waiting for, they no longer know how to rejoice over it. Because they have been too busy waiting, not knowing, they have missed the momentum of the final manifestation.

Focus on God

While waiting, let us focus on the one who is fully in charge of the whole universe. While waiting, let us seek God even more. Let us build our relationship with God. So that when we finally get what we expect, we will not miss the moment. It is in the moment we receive new light about His glory and the truth behind our waiting. God does not allow anything to happen to His children without a reason. We must, thus seek to understand the story from His own perspective. When you have been able to identify the reason for your waiting, you have a testimony. This is what strengthens our faith, helping one another grow. We are to testify as Christ followers. Our role is to testify about how our Heavenly Father works since many people are not familiar with His divine strategy.

Waiting, but with God

I know it is not always easy to wait, and at the same time to be occupied with God’s work. Our thoughts constantly return to what we dearly want. I believe it is nothing wrong to think about what we want, though, we certainly should not make what we long for become an idol. Unfortunately, this is often the case. So, what do while waiting?

Build, worship and pray

Build yourself. Build your prayer life. In this season, God may be requiring that you drop off some toxic habits that are not good or may hinder you from facing the next level ahead of you. Firstly, know your values. What are your insecurities? Which lies do you have to overcome with the truth of God to be at your best when you finally reach your next level? When you have understood the truth God says about you, you will be able to face new challenges that arrive with the next page. Lastly, know who you are in Christ and be unapologetic about it. Through prayer and worship, search God with all our heart. Discover His presence and dwell therein. Seek to know Him more because in His presence He reveals the secret things, we could not have had access to if we had not sought Him.

A song while waiting

I am leaving you with this song by Travis Greene. It always strengthens me when I am waiting. I hope it strengthens you too and helps you see the marvellous things of God that yet awaits you.

What my eyes can’t see I still believe
Everything spoken to me
There’s no word that can come back void
I will trust the report of the Lord

God is not a man that He should lie
Every need He will supply
So I will wait, I will not be moved
I believe, I believe, I will trust in You

While I’m waiting I’m getting stronger
My faith is rising, and I will run on
While I’m waiting, I’m lifting up on wings as eagles
I believe, I will trust in You


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