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What God Decrees He Will Perform In His Time

Trust in Him...He will make a way.

What God Decrees He Will Perform In His Time
What God Decrees He Will Perform In His Time

The Lord Decrees

God has made decrees and these decrees will be performed in His time. In addition, His people on earth have been given the responsibility of aligning with His decrees and implementing them on earth. Many reject His ways and therefore resist and delay this implementation. However, God is beyond time. His decrees will be performed in the generation that seeks His ways and walks in obedience. Furthermore, His commandments are eternal and purposeful. When His commandments are broken then the consequences result. This is what the nations must face. As a result, they choose to obey or judgment will follow.


God established His decrees for a purpose. First, this keeps His promises of favor. Second, those who keep His commandments and walk by faith receive His promises. On the contrary, those who reject His commandments reap chaos and destruction. This is the time for nations to turn from their wicked ways and to turn to Him. In these last days, there is a separation of goat nations from sheep nations. Those who choose to follow Him inherit His promises. His promises are good and are given to bless and not to curse. We have to choose whom we will serve. In addition, this is a daily choice we have to make to walk in obedience.

The Way

God is no respecter of persons and He blesses all His followers. He has made a way and there is no other way. Jesus came to show us the way and He has opened that way to the Father. He has established this through His sacrifice on the Cross. Now we need to choose His way or no way. His way is the best way. Come to the Giver of life and be saved today and be blessed.

John Mathai

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