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What If We Protected Our Children?

“Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." -  Matthew 19:14

What If We Protected Our Children?
What If We Protected Our Children?

As a kid, I had no option when it came to going to Church.  It was a given.  When Sunday rolled around, I was going if I wanted to go anyplace else during the week.  Church always had to be the priority.  Of course, I grumbled on occasion, but to no avail. What if all children had to go to Church?

What if children went to Church?

Imagine if parents today had such a rule! Could one of the greatest gifts given to all of our children be a “no option rule” for receiving the everlasting gift of knowing Jesus Christ?   What if our kids today knew more about Jesus than the rules of any sport, or the multiplicity of techniques for maneuvering successfully through every social media platform on the planet? Think about it, what if they had a security about themselves that cancelled any need to bully others?  Imagine if they were grounded in the Word of God who promises them they can “do all things through Christ”. What if many were not freely yielding to sexual connections before being able to handle the possible outcomes? How would they live if they saw no value in vaping, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs?  What if so many of them were not looking for love in all the wrong places, but rather were accepting a healthy dose of God’s unconditional love? Imagine if they believed the promises that He will “build a wall of fire” around them and “be the glory” in their midst? Surely, attention to such a scripture would provide assurance that Our Lord cares greatly for them.

What if, when faced with difficulties, our kids had viable answers? How would the world look if they knew about a Savior who stands consistently ready to give peace beyond understanding, help out in any chaotic situation, and set important parameters? What if our children were secure in saying no to negative peer pressure, and didn’t feel the need to follow crowds down dark and lonely paths of destruction?  Imagine if they were strong enough in their knowledge of Jesus Christ that yielding their precious hopes and dreams to someone else would be unthinkable!

The greatest gift of all

I can honestly say that this fixed rule of learning about Jesus pays off in great dividends. Through such unwavering consistency, we would give our children the greatest gift of all.  They would know the joy of Jesus Christ and all of His promises.  Additionally, it would help them better understand a profound rule of life –  knowing Christ does not make them perfect. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be trials or that everything will always be what they want. Rather, it would mean learning how to value His creations, how to see the hope in Christ, and how to find security when the storms of life rage.  It would show them how to be grateful when blessings beyond measure appear and how to escape temptation. Children would learn how to cope with disappointments and how to seek Christ for His plan for their lives.  They would learn to trust Him when the world offers impossibilities.

Choosing Church

I believe that seeing so few children in many of our Churches today has placed us at a crossroad. I believe it is imperative for us to accept the responsibility of finding a way to engage them. We need to find a way to encourage them to attend Church as faithfully as they attend the “fun things” they commit to daily.  We must take up the mantle of giving them the gift of knowing the Word of God.  The Lord has entrusted them to us. It is our duty to help them see that hope is not found in anything else but Christ.

What if they were conscientious students of the Word?  Imagine if children had faith in His assurance that they can, forever, rest in Him, hope in Him, find protection in Him, and have a life in Him that provides His consistent love and mercy in any given situation!

What if…?

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