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What Is Your Narrative? Change Your Story

How Jesus Changes Our Lives

What Is Your Narrative? Change Your Story
What Is Your Narrative? Change Your Story

We all have a story. For some it is full of positive experiences. For others it is full of fear, deprivation and loss. The main story line in your life determines the outcome of your life. Your story line determines your choices.

Those who fear will procrastinate and avoid or delay making a decision. This delay can be costly. Those who have positive, successful stories take risks more often and make greater breakthroughs in life. Negative stories hinder us from taking risks. It is like being in a prison and feeling trapped. Some break down and have a mental disorder. Others face struggle and poverty. Some escape through suicide. What does one do if the narrative is negative? There is a way out.

Jesus Changes Everything

Jesus came to rescue us. He saw our depraved state and realized we were helpless. We were in a fallen state and bound to our sin. He created us and felt responsible to help us get out of our dilemma. Jesus came as the sinless Son of God to rescue us. He is able to change our lives from helpless to helpful, from negative to positive, from fear to love. Jesus promises this salvation to all who call on His Name to be saved.

There is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved. You can call on Him today and be saved from your story to His story. His story is eternal. His sacrifice has assured your place in Heaven. He has promised eternal life. Is there a better offer than this? Why delay your decision. I have tried it and it works. Jesus will come through for you. He is not mere man and He never lies. Surrender your life to Him. Let God save you from your negative story.

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