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What Is Your Worldview? Does It Transcend God’s View?

How We View The World

What Is Your Worldview? Does It Transcend God’s View?
What Is Your Worldview? Does It Transcend God’s View?


Worldview is important to understand the world we operate in. Your worldview determines how you see yourself and others in the world. A godless worldview will always see things in human ways. Human ways are limited and based on man’s view of the world. This is usually a limited view and therefore limited to this world. Most world views are man’s view of the world based on philosophy or science. These are views that are based on reason as man understands his world through reason. If we can’t understand then we reject that view. The biblical view goes beyond man’s view because God’s view is beyond the reasonings of man.

Biblical View

The biblical view sees man as a created being. Man was made in the image of God. It is also good and evil in God’s view. Man was born in sin after the fall and Satan is a fallen angel who now rules this world. This view contrasts with man’s view of the world. The clash of world views then results in how we see others and therefore how we deal with matters in all spheres of life. This is why it is important to understand one’s worldview in discussions to do with life and death. This clash of world views is evidenced in politics, science, and every aspect of human life.


Communism rejects God. It is a philosophy based on man and makes sense in human terms. However, ignoring God comes at a cost. This is why we see that communism cannot survive in the long term. Socialism likewise tries to make God a social being rather than seeing God as a Spirit. This is to accommodate God in one’s life as a thing that can be manipulated to serve one’s own end. This may work in a world of political correctness, however, it will fail because it is based on lies and compromise.

God View

God needs to be the center of all our living. On the contrary, without God, our living is limited to this world. For example, money becomes our god. The world is controlled by money. Therefore, power replaces God and man manipulates the systems to achieve his ends. We see this in all walks of life. Man needs to come back to God as death is real and Satan is real. This is the time for the world to see that a virus can hold us, hostage, to death. We are powerless and all we can do is turn to God and cry for mercy. Finally, turn now and be saved in the Name of Jesus and return to God.

John Mathai

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