When Christian leaders fail us… when pastors fall…. | God TV

When Christian leaders fail us… when pastors fall….

When Christian leaders fail us… when pastors fall….
When Christian leaders fail us… when pastors fall….

When Christian leaders are unfaithful… when our pastors fall… God remains faithful. His promises are true and can be trusted. And, just because leaders may fail us, this is not an excuse for us give in to temptation ourselves and add to a downward spiral. It is rather a time to examine our own hearts and cling on to God’s promises.

Those looking for licence to sin, may argue, “Well if well known Christian leaders can get away with it, then so can we…” but then they need to question the condition of their hearts, which are clearly not in the right place. They are in dire need of the support of Christian people around them.

Some Christians may face the hopelessness of the thought… “If my pastor, who is so spiritual can fall into such sin, how can I resist? How much more vulnerable am I… How can I possibly keep on track?”

We need to remember we are all constantly under attack by the evil one, and none more so than our leaders. If we aren’t humbly serving God and repenting daily of our sin, it is easy to fall into a custom-built enemy track. We need to remember to pray more for our leaders because they are at the forefront of a spiritual battle.

It is devastating to see new revival moves of God end through infidelity. It’s soul destroying to see good Christian leaders fall…  but don’t you become a casualty.

When leaders fall it isn’t a time to focus on their weaknesses, it is a time to uphold fidelity and God’s faithfulness.

While the media and muckraking bloggers are quick to report on the sins of Christian leaders, often inaccurately and without grace, let those who are in Christian media rise up with a different spirit and uphold the truth and the reasons why God demands fidelity from His people. Reminding the world that God is faithful even when we are not. That Jesus came to save sinners and that there is forgiveness for those who have sinned. And restoration, reconciliation and restitution are possible in Christ.

Promise Keepers is a ministry primarily to Christian men, that protects men from failing as husbands, fathers or sons. Ministries like these are needed now more than ever before, helping to keep men from becoming isolated, prideful and vulnerable.

Imagine if every Christian man was to keep these Seven Promises. God is faithful, He keeps His promises and we should too.

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