When God And The Devil Are Taken Out, Chaos Will Ensue | God TV

When God And The Devil Are Taken Out, Chaos Will Ensue

Chaos guaranteed...when God is left out...

When God And The Devil Are Taken Out, Chaos Will Ensue
When God And The Devil Are Taken Out, Chaos Will Ensue

Leaving Him Out

In this age where God is left out of most of our lives, we become blind to the tactics of the devil. He is still there whether we are aware of Him or not. The devil is also there and we may make him our friend by listening to him. He is subtle in his devices to entrap us in his way of thinking and doing things. He works on our fleshly desires and tempts us to sin, but we normally dismiss it and call it a weakness. Our world views are dictated by our beliefs. If we believe in God then He is part of our perception and outlook. In this world, belief in God is shaky and so we resort to a humanized version of God who we can control.


We can see the evidence of our state of affairs in different walks of life. Our concept of God drives our views on politics, family, culture, and duty. Without God, we make up our own rules of living. Laws keep changing to suit the opinion of popular influencers like Hollywood. We, therefore, drift in our thinking and views and accept the lowest common denominator. What once was thought of as sinful behavior has become acceptable. We have moved from a position of the reverential fear of God to a position of making ourselves god.


How can we turn from sliding down this slippery path to destruction? Only a change of heart can change our course. There needs to be a radical change of heart to experience a radical shift from a self-centered view of life to a God-centered view. Many are trapped in ways of thinking and doing that result in a hopeless robotic existence. In conclusion, there is no hope if our only hope is limited to this life. Jesus came to give us hope of eternal life. This is the only hope of turning us away from the devil’s path to destruction. What is your destination: heaven or hell? We each need to make the choice now to be saved. We can all be saved because God does not want anyone to perish.¬†Finally, choose today whom you will serve. I choose to serve Jesus.

John Mathai

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