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When Should I Attend A Baptist Bible College?

Choosing a college based upon your denominational upbringing.

When Should I Attend A Baptist Bible College?
When Should I Attend A Baptist Bible College?

They’re a myriad of decisions you need to make when selecting a college. Questions about location, major, and cost are all factors you need to weigh carefully. In addition to looking at a Christian college or university based on these criteria, one must also consider the school’s views. If you grew up within a Baptist church, then you may want to narrow down your search by looking at a Baptist Bible College. There are many reasons why this is beneficial to your future.

Baptist Bible College: How Important is Selecting the Right College?

This is one of the scary parts. The worry about making the wrong choice. Here are a few things to take into account:

    • It should line up with God’s calling. Prayer is a big part of making any big decision. And college is one of those choices that carry much weight. You may already have an idea of where you would like to attend, but where God is guiding you is the important direction to follow. The good thing is that your heart’s desires were placed there for a reason, so it is likely the where you feel you should go is God’s leading. Always ensure this truth through prayer and sound advice from trusted individuals.
    • It is something that remains with you forever. These will be the most memorable years of your life. The stories you take from your collegiate years will be told to your children and grandchildren, and they will carry them on into future generations. An Alma Mater brings students a sense of pride when the name of their school is mentioned, or their school mascot is featured.
    • It can be difficult to change schools. Not that it is impossible to change colleges, but it is a process that can have its difficulties. Especially if it is between denominations or from a private to a public institution, primarily due to credits that one school does not recognize or considers untransferable toward the degree you are pursuing. It must be said about changing schools because you are unhappy; the grass is not always greener on the other side. Every school will have its challenges, and simply changing the surroundings may not solve the problem. Again, prayer will guide you in what needs to change; you or your school.

Why Should I Stay Within My Denomination Through a Baptist Bible College?

If you grew up in a certain denomination, then your best bet is to select a college that lines up with that denomination. When you are Baptist, then you should consider a Baptist Bible College. If you were Methodist, there are many Methodist Bible colleges. The same can be said about all denominations. On a side note, there are just as many non-denominational as well as interdenominational schools to select from.

The reasons to choose along your denominational lines are:

    • Doctrinal Reasons – You grow up with a belief system that ingrains itself into who you are. You may not be completely aware of the differences between denominations. Yes, most believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He came to Earth in human form, died for our sins, and that on the third day rose again and is now in Heaven preparing a place for us when we die. It is mainly the other tenants of religion that things begin to deliver. One example is that some denominations believe that once you are saved, you are always saved. Others teach that one can lose their salvation through sins committed after conversion. Big difference and these differences can be difficult to accept.
    • School Discounts – One big reason to stay along denominational lines is that you may qualify for discounts. This is common if the church you attend offers a college program. Another thing that is common is Scholarships, and sometimes Grants, are available through your churches Association when you attend a college or university within the denomination of the church.
    • Career Opportunities – While a degree is a degree, your opportunities after graduation are far greater when you are Baptist, attend a Baptist Bible college, and seek employment within the Baptist denomination. This is true of most organizations.

How to Find the Best Baptist Bible College

Okay, so how do you find a good Baptist Bible college?

    • Ask your church leaders. How will we know anything unless we ask? Your pastor, deacons, and other church staff can all point you in the right direction, of a Baptist Bible College as well as inform you of what scholarships or grants you may qualify for.
    • Ask your denominational leaders. Since you are looking for a denomination college or university, search your denomination association website. Every church is part of an association. Much like the High School you attend is part of a school district, churches are part of associations by the area where the church exists. They will have a list of colleges they recommend, as well as what aid they offer.
    • Web search. You can always do a web browser search for the denominational colleges or a Baptist Bible College you may have interest in.

Baptist Bible College: Final Word

As we began with, selecting a college is the first major decision a teen must make regarding their future. You get to take your first step as an adult. There is no need to be fearful. You have many people around you that want you to succeed. Listen to their counsel, but do not let it sway you. Remember, it is always going to be about following God’s will for your life. Sometimes that is contrary to what many would want for you. Follow His leading; He will never steer you wrong. God has promised to show you the way, now walk in it.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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