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Where Can I Find the Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

Accepting the role of educating your child with a Christian worldview.

Where Can I Find the Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum?
Where Can I Find the Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

We read across the headlines everyday freedoms being stripped away from the schools we send our children to. We see a worldview being presented to them that is anything but Godly. As parents, we want to do something about it. Sometimes that means teaching our children ourselves. Then we have better control of what and how they learn. We can maintain a Godly worldview through a Christian Homeschool Curriculum.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling’s definition is in its name. It is assuming the role of the teacher and instructing your child at home versus sending them off to public school.  This is a big decision and a major commitment. There are a few hoops to jump through; you cannot just one day decide to begin teaching from home. There is also a standardized curriculum that must be purchased.

Before you begin, you must understand state laws and what is required to be able to have a homeschool. Each state has its licensing procedure, so check with the education department of your state for further details. They may also have a minimum requirement as to the courses taught.

Is Homeschooling Beneficial for My Child?

Many parents feel that the overwhelming reason to homeschool a child is due to the negative environment most schools have nowadays. From bullying to a pervasive world view that takes God out of everything, parents want to allow their kids to learn away from the troubles public schools endure. Another reason is being able to teach Christianity, which includes the Bible. Finally, a reason many parents teach themselves is due to developmental issues a child has that warrants a slower-paced, one-on-one approach.

What is Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

Plain and simple, Christian Homeschool Curriculum is the same curriculum that traditional public schools teach, but with a Christian theme woven throughout the study material.

Educational organizations provide this material, and parent-teachers can purchase it for any grade level and on any subject. For instance, History would include the Biblical account of events; a public school would not. Teaching from the Bible is the biggest difference with this type of curriculum. Children will still learn the three ‘Rs’ but will gain so much more through their studies, including a Christian approach.

Where do I Purchase Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

After you have researched what licensing you need to begin your homeschool, you will then need to research what material you will teach your child. There are several Christian homeschool curriculum providers. To give you start, we have listed four of the more popular brands. Most will offer the same fundamentals; it is in the delivery, as well as in the extras where they will differ.

    • Abeka – Abeka is a Christian Homeschool Curriculum that has been around for 40 years. They offer studies for grades Kinder through High School. Courses include all the basics that public schools teach, even electives like Art, Music, and Foreign Languages are available. They include textbooks, tests, report cards, and diplomas upon graduation.
    • Son-Light – Son-light also provides curriculum for Kindergarten through High School. However, their approach is different than most. Theirs is a literature-based learning process. This style involves reading books to learn subjects. For subjects like math, there is video-based learning material. This method is far from the coursework and testing of standard schooling, but it works for students who learn from reading.
    • Bob Jones University – BJU is a Christian Homeschool Curriculum with options that offer an online teaching experience where children learn through video instructors, or a parent can teach the lessons themselves. They teach through textbooks and video learning all the core subjects from Pre-Kinder through High School as well as electives like Music, Bible, and Foreign Language.
    • Switched-On Schoolhouse – Switched-On is an online-based Christian Homeschool Curriculum. Through various forms of multimedia, a child will learn each core subject. They offer a program for 3rd grade through High School. The benefit of online course work is in the grading and tracking process; the system does it for you. They also teach electives such as Computer and Foreign Language.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Final Word

Before any major decision, we need to seek God and be sure it is what is best for us. Sometimes our kids have a calling to be right in the middle of the chaos of public school because God intends to do something extraordinary through them. Other times it is necessary to protect them from a bad situation. Either way, God has a plan.

If the decision to take the reins of your child’s education, then you will want the best curriculum designed for how your student learns. These examples are just a sample of what is out there. Speak to your church, other homeschool parents, and always pray for direction. Within godly counsel lies the answer that is beneficial to you and your child’s future.


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