Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? | God TV

Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?

Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?
Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?

On GOD TV’s ‘Visions From Heaven 2,’ Wendy shares the Father’s heart for those who have been under immense pressure and crying out to Him with the question, “Why? or Where is God?”

Where Is God?

We’re looking for answers in circumstances that we don’t understand. It’s similar to when people thought Jesus came late for His dear friend Lazarus, because he was already dead when Jesus arrived. Now, Wendy shares a powerful truth that Jesus was never late. She reads the Father’s important message to those people crying out to God, “Why are You so late??”

Wendy explained how it must have perplexed and confused the disciples when Jesus didn’t hurry to come for his friend Lazarus who was dying. But God knows what He is doing.

where is God?

So, God’s message is this:

“Tell My beloved children, I Am not condemning them for crying out to Me with the question “Why?” When you feel absolutely pushed to your very limits in the season of transition crying ‘Daddy, Abba, why are you not moving? Why are You late?” Wendy said.

“’Because when it seems to you like Lazarus that all Your promises aren’t even dying. That it looks like some of them are actually dead. Can’t You hear my SOS Father? Why aren’t You moving on my behalf?’”

Then the Father in Heaven says, “Even my beloved, My only begotten Son cried out to Me the question ‘why?’ on the cross. And many of My children have been crying out to Me the question why in this time of transition and feeling condemned… ‘My love is so great for you, beloved child. I’m the Father of compassion. My understanding of you is absolutely inexhaustible. I knitted your parts together in your mother’s womb. You are My dream, always have been. I created you.”

Watch until the end to hear the Father’s entire message for you. And don’t miss Wendy prophesying in prayer, “Beloved son or daughter, you who have loved Me. You who have such a history with Me. You’re gonna see in the next weeks and months a turnaround in your circumstances. And you’re gonna lift your hands and instead of the tears of mourning, they’re gonna be tears of joy.”

“You shall see the resurrection of your dreams and the seeming silence in the glaring delay. I’m moving people and circumstances behind the scenes. Trust Me, My Child.”

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