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Where To Go To Find A Live Christian Channel?

Edifying TV is out there – here are some live Christian channel options

Where To Go To Find A Live Christian Channel?
Where To Go To Find A Live Christian Channel?

Where can we go to find a live Christian channel? And is there a way for us to map out where we can find Christian programming that helps us in our walk with God?

Ask your search engine – live Christian channel

When I typed in “live Christian channel” on my Google search line I got some great results.  First, there were three video offerings from Daystar and GOD TV. Plus content from other Christian broadcasters including:

Each one of these provides an on air offering of some kind, along with a wide array of on-demand choices. There are news options, documentaries, preaching and teaching broadcasts, etc. So finding a live Christian channel to watch is easy.

Worldview matters

The benefits of accessing a live Christian channel as opposed to a live secular channel are clear.  Christian channels provide postive, Biblical content with a Scriptural worldview and understanding of the times. Christian programming is focused on reporting the truth and arranging things in an objective way. It helps to listen to people whose worldview has been trained by God’s Word.

Letting the (broadcasting) world know 

The other advantage? Tuning into a live Christian Channel helps the broader media market understand our programming preferences. It is really helpful to Christ and His Kingdom if we search regularly for a live Christian Channel or Christian programming. This gives strong signals to the marketplace in general, that we are a market constituency worthy of both notice and service. That we are here to stay.

We see this trend developing in the movie industry. Films bringing both overt and covert Christian messages are rising in popularity here in America. This is a very good thing, indeed. We need a similar renaissance and reformation in our Christian television broadcasting.

Vote with your mouse – live christian channels

We can help this trend by voting with our TV remotes and our mouse clicks. When you click on a live Christian Channel from a Google search, you are teaching the search engines something new that it didn’t know before. Google aggregates demand data from clicks by people like you and me.

These clicks also help feed and sustain a live Christian Channel. Oftentimes broadcasters get paid by clicks, and by the things that we do once we get onto a website. So let’s use the power of our mouse clicks, and the power of screen time spent on a website, too. With this, we help search engines learn something. And that “something” is that we have choices, we make choices.

Finding a live Christian channel to watch using a search engine does our broadcast colleagues a favor. We are joining with them to advance the Kingdom of God in the realm of media.

The Bible says that Christ reconciled all things in His Body through His Cross (Colossians 1:20). Guess what’s included in “all things”? Yes, you guessed right! All things means ALL THINGS. The media has also been reconciled by Christ through His broken body and blood poured out for us.

Every little bit counts

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “but my mouse clicks makes such an infinitesimally small difference in the grand scheme of things!” And it’s true, each of us are just small data points in the universe of the search engine data lake. But it all adds up.

It’s like recycling your plastics and other recyclables. You might think you’re making just a tiny, small difference, but if you do this regularly, and encourage your friends and family to do the same, it all adds up over time.

So get online today, and find a live Christian channel to watch. You’d be surprised at the wonderful variety of broadcasting there is for you to enjoy and be edified by. And as you’re doing this, remember that you are helping the cause of Christ on the Earth – one click at a time!

This article was written by Mark Becerra

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