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Who Is Jesus?

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Who Is Jesus?
Who Is Jesus?

Jesus is God.  God is I AM.  Therefore, Jesus is I AM.  The Kingdom of God is not linear.  It is not constrained by time or space.  Luke 21:31 reminds us that “the Kingdom of God is near.”

Cannon J.John reminds us of this truth through his a monologue and in it he reveals the many descriptions of Jesus. You will find that Jesus isn’t unaware or ignorant of our situations, circumstance, or can identify with our humanity.  In other words, Jesus understands us.

Listen Cannon J.John as he paints a picture of who Jesus is…

Cannon J.John is described as a creative speaker with an appeal that transcends gender, age, race, culture and occupation. His much-loved art of storytelling helps people to discover spiritual meaning in a way that makes sense of everyday life.

To learn more visit his website Cannon J.John.

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