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Who Or What Do You Serve?

What Drives You?

Who Or What Do You Serve?
Who Or What Do You Serve?

Who or what do you serve is an interesting question to ask anyone who desires to know – what is the one thing that drives you? We all have drivers that keep us going forward. This could be a vision, purpose, or goal. We live in a performance-based world. From early childhood, we have been driven to achieve goals and win. Those who are laid back are seen as lazy. Whether at school or work, we are challenged to achieve goals. This keeps us moving forward, or it appears that way. However, many times when we look back, we have been going around in circles. We change our language but achieve the same end. This is because we don’t learn from history and reinvent the same wheel.

The game changes if we sit back and ask ourselves what is the point of all this. Most of us go to work to earn money to meet our needs or wants. This is good as the Bible says that we should not eat if we do not work. However, we live in a performance-based world, which is the opposite of the Kingdom. In a performance-based world, there will be winners and losers. What happens if we change the narrative and ask the question, “Who do we serve?”

Shift In Focus – Serving Jesus

Who we serve changes the game from performance to a person. If we serve self then we are performing to make oneself better than our neighbor. If we serve another then we are serving others. After going through both the performance cycle and the self-serving cycle, I have chosen to serve Jesus. I feel there is nothing more satisfying than to serve Him who gave His life for me.

Serving Jesus s is to love God and love your neighbor. God owns me. I don’t own God. I, therefore, live to glorify His name. Jesus is my owner for He created me and also redeemed me by shedding His blood on the Cross. Now He can do what He wants with me. This is to come to a place of rest. He possesses me so that He can use me to achieve His purposes. I enjoy this relationship because it is based on love rather than performance. He is a loving God and He knows what is best for me. Thank you Jesus for saving me from the rat-race where everyone is involved in a competitive struggle. Now I am a son privileged to live a life of abundance, secured for me on Calvary.

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