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Why Are There So Many Sick Christians?

Sickness and Disease

Why Are There So Many Sick Christians?
Why Are There So Many Sick Christians?


Sickness and disease came into the world through the fall of man. In the garden of Eden before the fall, there was no sickness. God never sent sickness and is not the author of it. Sickness and disease are a symptom of sin and how the devil uses it to bind people. We are all prone to this in this fallen world. Our spirit was redeemed when we accepted Jesus as Lord but our soul and body are in the process of being redeemed. This is an ongoing process. The Bible states that we are healed and set free as our soul prospers. This means there is a process we all need, as sick Christians, to go through to be sanctified.

Sin: Sick Christians

The blood of Jesus is sufficient to cleanse us from all sin and the power of sin. The devil has no right to a blood-bought child. However, he schemes to try and sow thoughts of doubt and fear to convince us otherwise. We are in enemy territory. This is not our home and as long as we live here we will be faced with various challenges. These challenges may be attacks on our body or our soul. We have therefore to be vigilant and not give in to the taunts of the enemy. The symptoms we experience are real but they can be vanquished by the Name of Jesus. Many succumb to the symptoms and die. We then fear that God has abandoned us.


We can choose to believe the lie or stay steadfast in believing the truth of His word. His word says that He has a good plan to prosper us and keep us in health. Our destiny is heaven and we are being transformed into the image of Jesus. We should not be distracted by symptoms but use them to place our trust in God. The more we are attacked the more we need to see it as a challenge to become more like Jesus. Jesus never suffered sickness or disease when He walked on earth. We too can hope to be the same and experience good health and wealth right now.

John Mathai

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