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Why Life Matters To Me by Dr. Yinka Akintunde

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men - John 1:4

Why Life Matters To Me by Dr. Yinka Akintunde
Why Life Matters To Me by Dr. Yinka Akintunde

The battle for life is a battle against darkness in its darkest form. The prevalence of darkness in the pre-Genesis world was the reason for the extinction of all lives. Every platform of survival was subdued by darkness and all element of thriving was silenced in the abyss until God showed up as the Father of Light. Darkness ultimate quest is to deny life, human life, from thriving. Whatever steals, kills or destroy human life in whatever shape or form is darkness and must be seen as such.

More Light Please

The first command was for there to be light, after which all channels of biological and human life were created. That same Light of Life at the beginning, spoken as the Word of God, was incarnate in flesh as Christ and now lives in every believer in Christ.

The emptiness, formlessness and the extinction of life at the beginning were traceable to one thing and one thing only, which was the prevalence of darkness. The solution was the appearance and prevalence of light. Jesus was the incarnate of that word-light and passed the baton of being His follower to us when He said, “You are the Light of the world” – Mathew 5:14.

Light for Human Life

Human life is the ultimate form of life on earth and everything else was created to revolve around it. It is so sacred that taking it was the first post-fall punishable offense, as seen in the story of Cain and Abel. Human life begins the moment a baby is formed and darkness wants to put out such light of hope.

Human life is worth every righteous fight it needs for preservation, fighting for life is fighting as light. It is a good fight of faith.

Whose Interest

I am light and I fight on the side of life. I am not fighting to belong to a movement, but fighting for life. My fight is not for pleasure and gratification, but survival. I am not fighting a sect; I am fighting for human life. My fight is not to hate those on the other side of the divide nor to join in mudslinging; my fight is to express my love for all living – even the unborn.

To speak up for the one who has no voice to fight yet and rescue the vulnerable from those who prey on unplanned conception. Mine is not gimmicks of rhetoric by the living for mere political ego-tripping. I am making an appearance as light and I stand for life!

Join the Life Matters Movement

Will you commit to pray for the Life Matters Movement?

Will you sponsor a seat, row or theater to help fund the 1200 showings of the  pro-life film Unplanned? It costs an average of $9 per seat which includes showing the film, marketing, follow up material as well as on-air follow up programming.


Dr Yinka Akintunde has authored many books, the latest of which is Positive Energy.

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