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Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus

Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus
Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus

If you talk about Jesus, people may describe you as “religious”.  Some people equate Christians as “religious people”.  Others are not quite as bothered about it though.  In fact, they really do believe that they are religious.

Not all religious people are true followers of Christ.  A true follower of Christ is someone who follows Jesus truthfully, reflects His character, has a perfect understanding of grace, and most importantly, has a relationship with God.  If you read the Bible, Jesus didn’t encourage people to be religious.  Instead, He calls people to follow Him, love people, and love God.

So what does it really mean to have a relationship with God?  And what does being religious mean?  Is there a difference between the two?

Spoken word artist, Jefferson Bethke emphasizes the crucial difference between Jesus and religion.  It is a high time to draw a line and re-examine yourself, deciding on which side you belong.  This video will open your eyes on how much greater Jesus is than every other religion combined!

“If religion is so great, then why does it start so many wars?  Why does it build so many churches but fails to feed the poor?  Religion may preach grace but another way they practice.”

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