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Why Isn’t Your Church Growing?

Learning to pass the baton to the next generation

Why Isn’t Your Church Growing?
Why Isn’t Your Church Growing?

Sometimes, our churches are not growing because of one important reason — leadership. Church leaders need to know how to build and equip the young people of the church because they are the ones who hold the future of whatever ministry you are apart of.

The late Dr Myles Munroe, a well-known preacher, shared a very profound explanation of what true leadership is all about. According to Dr Munroe, being a leader is not just about relaying your success to another person, but it’s about passing everything you’ve learned onto your followers. The goal is that the people you are leading would actually be able to do the things that you are doing – and even greater things.

Leaders must learn how to pass their talents and skills on to future generations. Many great leaders have died along with all of their knowledge, abilities and skills and never took the time to pass it to the next generation. In return, many young people have been left with the inability to handle different types of people and situations. And because of this, many young leaders have ended up leaving the Church because they have not been trained and empowered.

Church leaders must look for people they can mentor. They must take the chance to share everything they’ve learned. If you are a leader, remember this! – Teach young people everything you’ve learned so that they will know how to follow Christ faithfully and lead others well.

According to Myles Munroe, you can start passing everything you’ve learned the moment you hit 40-years-old. Make them greater than yourself. Do not be insecure if they become greater than you. Instead, rejoice because they are simply the product of everything you’ve learned and experienced.

This is the heart of leadership

You become great by reproducing people greater than yourself. That’s what legacy is all about. Remember that your assignment here on earth has a shelf life. Don’t hold on to your positions or even personal ambitions. You have to know when to move on.

Ask yourself this important question: “Who are you producing in your ministry to take your place?”

Remember, the first act of a true leader is to identify your replacement and begin mentoring them. When you train them, you are free to expand your work in the Kingdom of God.

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Credits: Stan Belyshev

This article was written by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan.

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