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Why Perfection Isn’t Relevant

We've all sought it in one way or another, but we will never, ever achieve it. Seek God - not perfection.

Why Perfection Isn’t Relevant
Why Perfection Isn’t Relevant

As a human, you sometimes have thoughts that cross your mind about “what if” or “why not”… But once or twice, you’ve struggled with wanting to be perfect in some way or another. Whether it’s being the perfect student, mother, blogger, runner… whatever it is… it’s not relevant.

In a sense, perfection is unrealistic. You’ll always have flaws, you’ll always have heartbreak happen, or faith that struggles. But luckily, we have a God that is perfect and willing to walk alongside us. All too often we can get lost in what is trending, popular, or even trying to innovate new ways to gain praise or attention. However, rarely do we think about how useless that is to our lives. Just think, is this actually benefitting my everyday lifestyle? Is all of this effort that I am putting into this illusion going to benefit me? More times than not, that answer is a definitive “no”. So, what can we do to actually defeat our lust for perfection and actually benefit ourselves and the people that we love and care for?

Take care of yourself

Be proactive in taking care of YOU first. If you are stressed out, anxious and/or depressed, be sure to take steps to seek help and treatment if needed. Your mental health is so important yet so overlooked by the general population. It’s a huge issue and the lack of care and attention is literally killing people. Spread love, pursue health, and take care of yourself.

Challenge yourself

Whether you find that you have too much time to spare or too little to use, REEVALUATE! Find time to pursue your passions and to grow in whatever field you can see yourself spending the rest of your life pursuing. If you wait until tomorrow, every day for the rest of your life to chase that crazy dream that you have or to start writing the blog that you’ve always wanted to write, you will NEVER do it. You will wait one day too long and you won’t have the option to just pick up your pen and start writing… so think. What is holding you back? If you can live without the excuse you just thought of, I’d suggest starting today. Make that move without overthinking it! Just do it.

Be available

Perfection isn’t obtainable. It’s like the off-brand version of normal… it’ll never be as real as the original. It can get pretty close, but it will never be the exact replica.
Cut yourself some slack. Meditate on your greatest blessings and accomplishments. Realize that you have talents and aspirations that are unique to you and will never be as real for anyone else other than you.
You have a voice, you have a purpose and you will impact a generation… If you choose to drop your baggage, drop your pride, suck up your sorrows, and pursue the path of greatness that God has created for you. While you aren’t perfect… God is… let Him guide you every step of the way.

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