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Why Sow During Hard Times?

"The worst thing they could possibly do is quit giving."

Why Sow During Hard Times?
Why Sow During Hard Times?

Why do we need to sow especially during hard times? What does the Bible say about sowing?

Difficult Times

When times are hard, people tend to prioritize their needs and neglect sowing into the Kingdom of God. Just like when the pandemic started a year ago, many people stopped giving to their church to make sure they had enough money for their needs for the months to come. But it is the worst thing one could do during difficult times.

“People, if they are in fear and panic because of the virus situation, the worst thing they could possibly do is quit giving,” Andrew Wommack explained.



It is because when we give, especially during hard times, we are opening doors to greater things. Through our sowing into His Kingdom, we open doors for blessings, opportunities, and even healing.

“Giving will open up the door to everything else,” he highlighted.

Just as Jesus said in Luke 16, those who are faithful in little will be faithful with greater things. Sowing tests our faith in God and how good we are as stewards of His riches.

“Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – Luke 16:10

As we sow during difficult times, we are trusting God as our provider.

“The same faith that I use to see the dead raised is the same faith that you use for everything else. God is awesome and He wants us to prosper spirit, soul, and body. I just encourage the viewers to reach out and trust God and God will supply their needs supernaturally.”

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