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Why You Should Be More Like Your Child

Why You Should Be More Like Your Child
Why You Should Be More Like Your Child

We have been painting a room in our house. We took the door off and in order to keep our newly crawling baby out, we blocked the way with a stepladder set on its side. Well, that didn’t stop him. He’s done everything possible to get his tiny body up and over that ladder to find out what’s on the other side. It reminded me of true childlikeness.

In childlikeness, exploration is more important than our fear. Children are not afraid to keep pushing boundaries to discover places they’ve never been. They don’t let fear override their sense of exploration.

Why is childlikeness important?

Because we must become like children in order to enter the kingdom of God. If we want to see the kingdom come to earth, we must become like children.

If you want to be stuck in earthly living, you can go ahead and be an adult. If you want to see heaven on earth, you need to become like a child. We must not let fear stop our sense of curiosity and exploration. We can’t let fear tell us what to do.

Often we confuse childlikeness with childishness. Childlikeness doesn’t mean we become irresponsible or neglect what we should be doing. Childlikeness means we put trust above fear.

Have you quit exploring and stopped pushing boundaries because of fear? Have you stopped moving forward because of past experiences? Are you parenting your children in such a way that you encourage exploration? Are you helping them not let fear overwhelm their curiosity?

A child’s sense of curiosity and desire to discover is so much greater than their fear. Let’s do the same. Let yourself become like a child again. Try new things. Push your boundaries. Don’t let fear tell you what to do.

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